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Why McCain did not run more anti-Wright ads

January 30, 2009

Although decentralized organizers talked about the Rev. Wright in Pennsylvania, overall there was very little anti-Wright campaigning during the election 2008 considering how the Republicans would usually go after a point such as Wright’s statements requoting Malcolm X. McCain did not dedicate centralized advertising to opposing Wright; even though, Obama attended Wright sermons for decades we are told.

The essential deal that went down was trading in lynching.  When the firestorm was going in March 2008, Obama said that Wright was “like an uncle”(1) in order to offer a trade. The trade concerned an uncle to a lynching in the Bush administration. The two sides made deals to prevent dirt from being flung.

Karl Rove pointed out that the specific lynching involved Democrats as the main actors to water down the value of the trafficking in lynching. That made the card less valuable to trade.

The trafficking in lynching played a regressive role in politics and guarantees that lynching will occur again for the same motivations. Those who have not read about diplomacy and spying and how it is conducted can try to live in denial.

Split-the-difference sorts always end up with petty-bourgeois politics in the West. They never conduct a thorough investigation of what they are doing. In the case of one lynching, some participants knew very well that there was no trial or investigation because the female involved ran off unaccountably in a hit-and-run rumor.

All the negative aspects of lynching were deemed necessary as a trading chip in stopping anti-Wright ads. That’s what it boils down to, racist Democrats and how they campaign to beat Republicans at the expense of revolutionary work. It’s too bad that alleged revolutionaries can’t see through that.




Civic duties

January 27, 2009

Gov. Blagojevich was one with access to intelligence briefings. Whatever happens with him, we hope he stands with us after February 10 elections in Israel. We must be prepared to expose the Israeli rejection of the Arab peace initiative.

If the Arabs withdraw their peace initiative, I face a civic duty here through no fault of my own. On account of this duty, I am considering running for Senate, whether as Green, Libertarian or what I do not know yet.

My lifeplan was to be an anonymous website builder and distributor of literature. However, the rulers had different plans and wrapped me into their doings.

When a neighbor’s car battery dies, we face a civic duty to help jump the car. So it was with my non-MIM life that the rulers wove me into something that might need to come out in an election context.

In reply to the professional basketball player, again there was a certain indirect aesopian appearance created. There was never any direct offer of a job, not even by a proxy. What did occur occurred in the midst of murk and death threats.

It’s not that I have anymore faith in elections than before, but when one is walking through the park and picking up trash, it goes in the can. The rulers are making me carry around some trash. 

Though I do not know any of the rulers persynally, it is good to know that many of them do know the situation.

Economic crisis update

January 27, 2009

The Federal Reserve Bank has reduced its key interest rate to 0 t0 0.25 percent. This is a momentous occasion that revolutionaries live for.

We have Obama leading all the possible forces of counterrevolution, and we have an interest rate that says capitalism is out of gas.

The capitalists could raise the interest to 10%, and force borrowers to be doing the kind of business that would make it worthwhile to pay that interest rate. However, the capitalists are afraid of a domino effect with businesses going out of business and not starting in the first place.

Even at 0% to 0.25% the capitalists are afraid the dominoes are going to continue to fall. Hence, they have turned to Keynesian fiscal policy or stimulus plans as well.

The federal bankers are hoping to see some effect from their interest rate policy this summer. If they are lucky the effect of the stimulus plan will take hold shortly thereafter.

Scylla and Charibdis–the rock is the problem that dominoes will continue to fall and the economy spiral downward. The hard place is that even if the interest rate and stimulus plan take hold, there is no guarantee that there will not be stagflation.

Currently, the rulers believe that the economy could be doing much more business without inflation. However, if at some point we have 0.25 interest rates with inflation of a few percentage points, we can expect a massive flight of capital from the united $tates. At that point, the search will be for countries perhaps overlooked in a banking sense but still holding a positive profit rate. Already this search is on.

It will not really be up to whether someone advocates a policy of decoupling from the Western economy. Local profit rates are what they are. Overlooked business talents throughout the world should be getting a crack eventually. Inside U.$. borders, the rulers are pinning hopes on the petty-bourgeoisie insensitive to the financial world, the less sophisticated members of the bourgeoisie. The hope is that they will somehow pick up the slack as the dominoes fall and more opportunities supposedly open up. The press has already started the narrative on Madoffs at the top frittering away life while Joe the Plumber below saves the day. We find it unlikely especially in a short-run situation. In the long run, the argument is simply that the imperialist class takes in new blood from the labor aristocracy. There is no reason for the international proletariat to wait for that to occur.

Overall, the investor class sense of where to invest is a question of racism. Some of the oppressed nation bourgeoisie itself believes a street sweeper in Calcutta is 20 times less efficient than one in Baltimore. And from there it only continues up into the ranks of the petty-bourgeoisie and managerial classes of the oppressed nations. Yet we are confident that opportunities to invest without creating inflation are more commonplace in the oppressed nations than the united $tates.

Politically, there is no possibility of hastening from within the united $tates. It will be up to external forces to deliver quick blows. If the U.S. crisis went on for decades on a scale and intensity worse than what we saw in Japan, political forces–accidents–might end up with fascism. So there is always a risk from dilly-dallying too much. However, we should note that Bush did hand over power and those talking about his “fascism” have been discredited, unless they count Obama as in Bush’s fascist party.

Capitalism has more surprises for itself later this year even if everyone starts napping in neutral.

Politically, there was no point for waiting for Germans to rise up in World War II. Today, there is no U.$. proletariat swooping down on the banks; even though, the political opportunity exists. That’s not to say there are no risks to investing in the united $tates. The risk just occurs by different means than factory takeovers.

What we have instead is talk of sovereign wealth funds and bailouts. Much of U.$. wealth is not transferable abroad in the event of bankruptcy. Transfer of housing assets is meaningless to foreigners and housing is the plurality of the wealth.

So a foreign investor faces difficulty in extracting minimum assurances from the U.$. economy. When the stock market crashes and the government starts injecting money into assets, we are in a position where dilution of foreign ownership can occur. The excuse will be that no inflation occurs in the process and asset prices rise.

One can leave aside questions whether outsiders want to time their commodity purchases to take advantage of trends in the dollar. Marx held that surplus-value does not arise from capitalist exchange–overall. That is not to say that oppressor nation segments of capital cannot cheat oppressed nation segments of capital through exchange–only that overall no net surplus-value arises in the process of all exchange summed up.

It is not a matter of decoupling policy or even the oppressed nation bourgeoisie cutting its teeth in exchange with the oppressor nation bourgeoisie. A falling dollar and inflation has the potential of undercutting the argument of a lack of inflation and rising asset prices. This problem is now structural, which means that no combination of policies of banks can stop it without creating more problems for the global capitalist system.

Freudians on rape, a practical difference

January 26, 2009

I’ve seen “Gran Torino” and “Changeling” by Clint Eastwood. These movies remind me of Freudianism and its opponents.

“Changeling” reminds me of why  I  used to push Phyllis Chesler’s book Women and Madness and related works. While doing so once, I encountered what Freudians call “resistance.” Merely stating that prisoners were predominantly men and psychiatric clients predominantly female brings a blame the messenger moment for some. I pointed out that there were different ways of social control, because the goal for males was to control the body, while for females it was to control the mind to gain access to the body. Some found that difficult to accept or deal with and asked “how do you know?” The idea that figures are kept on the gender of prisoners and clients did not go over well with people who did not realize that others were already on the job while we were still in diapers. It’s much better to think that no one has yet collected figures on prisoner or psychiatric client biology.

If even that much is impossible to digest, then one can try adding in some controversy from Freudians. In a minority of localities, Freudians dominate the rape discourse.

Readers will recall that childhood trauma plays a big role in Freudianism. The police factoid says females never lie about rape, but the Freudian factoid says one-quarter or one-third of all people suffered incest. There is a huge controversy over whether incest victims make up their memories or have them planted by psychiatric professionals of a certain view.

From experience, I know that people find it easier to pigeon-hole this topic than to deal with it substantively. I’ve even met PhDs who uphold both Freudian and non-Freudian pseudo-feminist shibboleths  at the same time. Social and political activism always suffers in this sort of circumstance essentially because of the laziness of people who do not demand coherence.

Practically, the significance is this: if a Freudian professional can convince a female that she suffered incest, there is then an explanation for female dualism and sexual ambiguity. My intense critics who have usually done no more than throw a sentence at me did not attend a Freudian rape speakout with me to learn how these subjects play out. People who can deal with reality are often the ones who end up doing the most activist work.

Where Freudian social work and psychiatric professionals dominate, the rape speakout plays the role of dealing with childhood trauma. Rather than criticizing adult sex the way a Catharine MacKinnon might, the Freudian rape speakout actually has the task of getting people to adjust to adult sex.

At the rape speakout in some localities, the majority of speakers will be conscious incest survivors. An example of how this plays out is that a womyn gets up to describe a difficulty she is having with a boyfriend during sex. She complains that she can’t concentrate during sex and she is not enjoying it. At that point, MacKinnon might ask whether she is suffering rape. Yet, conscious incest survivors will say something different.

“I can’t concentrate on my boyfriend, because I keep thinking of my father. I cry out. It’s not my boyfriend’s fault. I’m sure I have the right boyfriend. I’m being crazy. My boyfriend is 100% the boyfriend that I want.” In essence, the womyn is saying that her adult sexual experience is still being destroyed by an experience of incest. Yet, if one were the boyfriend, the experience would be of a womyn saying one thing and yet, physically not connecting well.

People who read MIM know we do not buy the Freudian approach. At the same time, newspapers have reported on the change in rape speakouts over the years as professionals took them over and made them bureaucratic turfs. At root the question is about reality.

Conservatives would like people to believe reality is cut-and-dry and well understood by people already. Freudians are saying the majority of people are in contradictory unconscious states. Likewise, MIM would say underlying reality is cut-and-dried, but people hold impossibly contradictory ideas, especially in a decadent culture like the U.$. culture.

Political impasse

January 23, 2009

by Henry Park

I’ve been called faint-hearted and not egotistical enough. In trying to argue this through in my mind, the only way I can see that is if people were expecting me to campaign for something and let it rip–totally. Otherwise, I was assuming I had to do things the quiet way.

So let me say this. I will run for office if the Arab Peace Initiative gets withdrawn. Let’s call that the icebreaker.

If Obama does not like my suggestion about letting Europe lead, and I think he should consider it, then let’s be fair to the Arabs and even the Israelis in a way, and have a let-it-rip campaign. Put it all on the table once the Arab peace initiative dies.

If the State Department would like to see this subject rip now, so that the public is informed, then I just need an appointment to the Senate. That’s all. Hah, hah. That’s unlikely because my campaign might be against the Obama administration’s interests.

What has happened so far is that peripheral issues have mixed in with major issues. That’s too confusing.

1) Europe leads.

2) If not, consider a let it rip campaign.

3) Wait till the Arab initiative dies and then have the campaign.

I will read the news a couple more days to obtain more replies. Then I will go back to my belowground ways and focus on making some money.

Racist offensive signalled in superstructure

January 23, 2009

by Henry Park

The elections are over and it’s time to govern. The signals for a renewed racist offensive have been evident since late December when a Colorado district attorney launched an allegorical attack on MIM in coordination with the Zionist offensive in Gaza.

Then with the inauguration, CNN political ticker launched its allegorical attack on MIM in favor of the “weird.”(1) The headline was “Henry: Obama’s first full day takes turn for the weird.” Weird is a reference to the family of enemies dogging Henry Park for 20 years. The “weird” word has been used in allegorical struggle for the past 2+ years.

Today the New York Times picked up the pace with an art review of the weird speaking of intimidation.(2) Likewise, there were paeans to Anglo-Saxon culture’s individualism.(3)

These are superstructural fruitflies circling around the exchange of power for lynchings, also known as cogs in the machine. These are the kind of people who talk a lot but never interview a relevant individual to find out what happened in a slamdunk case of racism. Then when they do not conduct the investigation and do not take up anti-racist struggle, they’re surprised that someone opposes their tokenism.

I am being extorted with real world effects. My business and media have been ruined by a racist conspiracy against civil rights. I’m not known as feint-hearted, but the united $tates is known as racist. It’s not brave to condone a lack of anti-racist struggle against lynching in exchange for power. It is stupidity in addition to the evil of racism.

It has nothing to do with fairness or boycotting. If there is no anti-racist struggle, there is no anti-racist result, only tokenism, exchange of lynchings for individual power. Whether on radical or liberal bases, I have had no reason for me to take office.

If there is no racism, then there is no racist extortion. So one way out is to conduct the anti-racist struggle, successfully. That did not happen, so there has been racist extortion.

It can also be extortion to go into office to serve as a cover for lynching. I’m being threatened with all sorts of charges in order to make me behave better.

That’s the difference between me and Obama. Obama reflects the going rate of lynching, that tokenism is allowed in exchange for a cover for lynching. He spent his decades not saying anything controversial that anyone could find and hold him accountable for like the rest of the power structure, which recognized a kindred soul–a low-flyer, a back-stabber useful against the revolution.

I would also like to thank all the expressions of international support that I have received. I have noticed. The world can tell what is going on here for real, even as Rev. Wright tells Obama how proud he is of Obama (for Gaza). The line of revolution and counter-revolution is being drawn. And contrary to the Avakianites and LaVeyites, polarization does not reinforce imperialism, unless one lacks confidence in the exploited and oppressed. Polarization is what advances the class and national struggles.



2. “Fashion Forward: (Not for the Feinthearted)”


Obama should let Europe lead

January 23, 2009

We’ve seen now that Obama is unwilling to rock the boat the way it would have to be rocked to influence Israel’s upcoming election February 10. Since he is unwilling to spend the political capital, he should allow Europe to recognize Hamas and follow Europe’s lead on Palestine questions.

Political horse-trading

January 23, 2009

by Henry Park

My road to a conventional political career is blocked. I have gone public the last two months to ask for a truce but failed to obtain it.

Sometimes politicians try to make it look like they support each other when they do not. The incentive to create a deceiving appearance is the apolitical nature of the voting public. For example, Obama created a certain appearance by supporting Bill Richardson for Commerce Secretary. Then we found out that it was one of Obama’s donors that embroiled Richardson in a grand jury investigation. So we should be suspicious about that, require further investigation as to whether that was a back-stabbing operation.

Alternately, Obama pretends to disown Reverend Wright and Blagojevich, but Wright is now openly singing Obama’s praises again.

With Obama and a certain supporter of his, I was not able to get beyond the level of appearances. It would be unethical, not to mention against my own interests, to condone the sort of scandals that have been created for political purposes.

As we learn today from Gail Collins and David Brooks at the “New York Times,” change is not in the air. So I tried for career, only to have the usual Democrats blocking it.

I had the added incentive/disincentive of reaching a deal, because Obama needed a potted plant in office to paper over certain problems. Although I cannot be extorted into office and service to the Obama agenda, just because of Obama’s political operations against me, he and the Democrats have succeeded in disrupting our media. No one should be fooled into thinking that Obama agrees with MIM already and has no need for extortion. 

Yesterday, CNN reported that Obama bowled down the middle in his Gaza statement and questioned whether that would change anything there. Meanwhile I$rael’s prime minister Olmert said that if you liked Bush, you will love Obama.(1) Hamas has said there is no change and Obama will fail.(2)

I noticed a certain male district attorney level allegorical criticism of me in precise coordination with the opening of the Gaza offensive by I$rael. Good going, hope you are proud of the results, because they are yours–morons.

Contrary to those saying “only a communist revolution” can liberate Palestine, obviously the great majority of colonies went free with communist help but without communist revolution. In other words, Obama’s line so far is unnecessarily oppressive even within capitalism.

I see myself playing no formal or informal role in government going forward and will return to writing to “create public opinion and the independent institutions of the oppressed.” Obama, Clinton and the rest of the elite may very well pick a fight with me/MIM. They have already disorganized the MIM media, and now it is time for a fight to put it back in order.


1.  Haaretz service, “Olmert: U.S.-Israeli relations will grow even stronger under Obama,”

“‘The United States, including both parties, has been a true and strong friend of the State of Israel over the years, especially during former President Bush’s term of office,’ Olmert said.

“‘I am convinced that the United States’ deep and abiding ties with Israel will strengthen further,’ he added.”

2. Associated Press, “Hamas: Obama does not represent change,” 23Jan09,

Conventional career pursuits

January 22, 2009

by Henry Park

Many times but especially in diplomacy we face a trade-off between change and career. One school of thought says go for change immediately in one’s negotations. Another school of thought says to place people in bureaucracies and let them make their way to change in international relations.

After 25 years of anonymity and having no office, I preferred not to become a chip in an agreement and instead see various parties agree to change.

Practically speaking it is difficult to work out all the details of taking someone like me and clearing the way to a conventional career. I have asked Democrats spying on me to come clean so I could start a conventional career if change did not work out. I have not received any word on that, and so that combined with a failure to reach international agreements is the reason I am not in a government post. There is no point to taking a post only to become the most blackmailed office-holder.

In these posts, I oversimplify for the benefit of brevity and accountability.

Mideast update

January 22, 2009

by Henry Park

Hours after our last article, President Obama chose his Mideast envoys–Dennis Ross, George Mitchell and Richard Holbrooke. That direction and more importantly the massacre in Gaza has given new impetus to “Isratine”  as referred to by Libyan leader Qadaffi.(1)

I had been willing to serve as a chip in an international agreement. To understand this, the reader might envision what happens when there is an international agreement reached with the united $tates, but one side does not want Rice’s people or Clinton’s people monitoring it. So the point is that in international politics, people become chips in agreements.

What we are seeing now is that the Bush administration did not nail down any agreement in which I would have received a job.

There are also situations where we communists come under pressure to sell out principles and take jobs that deflect change. We are still watchful for the damage done to our media as part of the pressure tactics of the major parties.