Excerpts from the last statement at www.etext.org

Readers will want to know that the www.etext.org website we had went down hours after we were addressing questions of spying, surveillance and diplomacy.

by Henry Park

I am going public with more information on reaching a truce with my own society. As I have said before we are in a situation of various extortion and death threats. At the same time, there was speculation about my joining the government. Right now it looks like I’m being extorted to make it appear I am interested in government or willing to go into government under blackmailed conditions.”….

I also still have no adequate explanation for why death threats in the midst of supposed job discussions, so that is why I have pegged all this as tactical use of me, not anything serious. Some of the rest is just racist Democrats running a conspiracy against civil rights. 



 “For a job situation, I’m going public with this. I don’t see any point in showing interest in a career if I’m going to be expected to swallow sexual blackmail as part of the trade or endure another lynching. The general idea that females have ‘been sent’ is going to have to be historically admitted for the record.

If someone thinks it is possible to swallow all this, then I need a sign:


1. A pardon from President Bush for things 2000-2008. There are no charges against me, but I imagine that is one way to shut down certain discussions.



2. The Cuban Five trade. Give me a sign here, something big.




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