Applying principle to Bagram in Afghanistan

Bagram prison has more prisoners than Gitmo

Bagram is a great chance to get over pop psych. It’s a prison that has 700 or more prisoners of a similar nature to Gitmo in U.$. occupied Cuba.(1)

There are two levels to the Bagram question. 1) Why did we not hear about it before and would I believe it? 2) What is going on there?

Yes, I believe there is a Bagram. No, if someone asked me if supposedly tyrannical northern Korea is running a prison in Afghanistan, I would not believe it. Northern Korea does not have the economic surplus, which is to say that rich people do more damage.

Secondly, we can get over pop psych. I don’t care if Bush or Obama take over Bagram and whether Bush or Obama masturbated, cheated on lovers, had sex once a year or once a day or whether they are “masochists” or “narcissists.” U.$. credibility is non-existent on this question, because of secrecy, period.

There are two retorts. One is Bush’s that we are at war. The other is the liberals’ that Obama has a better persynality than Bush’s. is right to talk about the Stanley Milgram and Zimbardo studies lately.(2) Neither Milgram nor Zimbardo were able to find persynality bases that would cause one to be better behaved.

The United $tates deserves no credibility in Cuba, Iraq or Afghanistan. Arguments of fine detail just don’t matter.

The root is the war and also the capitalism that makes it profitable to oppress in secret.





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