Some details on Amerikan law and the Mideast

Since the 1990s, MIM has done its best to expose the Oslo process in the Mideast as a figleaf of peace on imperialist war. In the past two years, MIM has done its best to maneuver against that sort of approach to the Mideast. There were some weaknesses in the transition period, but no one no matter how senior knows how to avoid that.

What may be confusing some international comrades are the reasons why the playbook against MIM is as it is.

1) By claiming to consider MIM for offices, it justifies release of information on MIM to the public through its choice of proxies, with a thin legal cover; even though, such releases started long before the campaign season.

2) The only trouble with the above is that the facts could demonstrate the federal government in violation of laws against racism. Hence, stringent standards and supposedly lengthy processes of job application had to be adopted. In reality they will not be applied evenly.

3) Although the Oslo process was under Clinton, there is nothing saying MIM relations with McCain, Bush and Obama are smooth.

Generally, when U.$. imperialism’s State Department gets itself into diplomatic trouble from way, way overplaying its hand and blowing credibility, it saves some scandals to get out of difficulty. Once out of trouble, U.$. imperialism’s playbook generally says to discard the evidence all around.

The danger is that international readers will misinterpret the Aesopian language and legal situation here. MIM has not met in persyn with a single politician. Elaborate appearances are being created with no real world or legal basis; although, obviously certain real events also occurred relevant to our diplomatic struggle. It is a great matter of courage to be seen with a real communist in a professional situation. That fact can in turn be used as an excuse for why various silly pressures are brought to bear on MIM by people who know no other way of dealing with others than through coercion.

We counsel the oppressed and exploited internationally to remain confident. Imperialism has unleashed problems on itself that are real and beyond its own understanding.

We have offered suggestions to improve the peace process that have been steadily rejected. The enemy keeps returning the subject to money and career, because that is all the enemy can understand and adjudicate legally. Their laws concern careers, not change. Unfortunately to speak about change is to risk generating legal excuses for the status quo. Nonetheless, we have entertained the idea of a political career in exchange for change to prove to our international readers that we leave no stone unturned for peace. Those who have followed the Aesopian language can see nothing has come of this openness of ours. We hope to reduce the number of people duped into thinking that the Amerikan system could actually hire a known revolutionary communist for a public purpose. It has never been done; although it is true, the United $tates is in an unprecedented situation, so we have kept door open to change, so the world can gauge what is happening for itself.

When it appears that there is much trouble for not much result here and no change, the reason is that the imperialists are covering their legal asses. That makes them that much harder to understand.


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