Conventional career pursuits

by Henry Park

Many times but especially in diplomacy we face a trade-off between change and career. One school of thought says go for change immediately in one’s negotations. Another school of thought says to place people in bureaucracies and let them make their way to change in international relations.

After 25 years of anonymity and having no office, I preferred not to become a chip in an agreement and instead see various parties agree to change.

Practically speaking it is difficult to work out all the details of taking someone like me and clearing the way to a conventional career. I have asked Democrats spying on me to come clean so I could start a conventional career if change did not work out. I have not received any word on that, and so that combined with a failure to reach international agreements is the reason I am not in a government post. There is no point to taking a post only to become the most blackmailed office-holder.

In these posts, I oversimplify for the benefit of brevity and accountability.


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