Political horse-trading

by Henry Park

My road to a conventional political career is blocked. I have gone public the last two months to ask for a truce but failed to obtain it.

Sometimes politicians try to make it look like they support each other when they do not. The incentive to create a deceiving appearance is the apolitical nature of the voting public. For example, Obama created a certain appearance by supporting Bill Richardson for Commerce Secretary. Then we found out that it was one of Obama’s donors that embroiled Richardson in a grand jury investigation. So we should be suspicious about that, require further investigation as to whether that was a back-stabbing operation.

Alternately, Obama pretends to disown Reverend Wright and Blagojevich, but Wright is now openly singing Obama’s praises again.

With Obama and a certain supporter of his, I was not able to get beyond the level of appearances. It would be unethical, not to mention against my own interests, to condone the sort of scandals that have been created for political purposes.

As we learn today from Gail Collins and David Brooks at the “New York Times,” change is not in the air. So I tried for career, only to have the usual Democrats blocking it.

I had the added incentive/disincentive of reaching a deal, because Obama needed a potted plant in office to paper over certain problems. Although I cannot be extorted into office and service to the Obama agenda, just because of Obama’s political operations against me, he and the Democrats have succeeded in disrupting our media. No one should be fooled into thinking that Obama agrees with MIM already and has no need for extortion. 

Yesterday, CNN reported that Obama bowled down the middle in his Gaza statement and questioned whether that would change anything there. Meanwhile I$rael’s prime minister Olmert said that if you liked Bush, you will love Obama.(1) Hamas has said there is no change and Obama will fail.(2)

I noticed a certain male district attorney level allegorical criticism of me in precise coordination with the opening of the Gaza offensive by I$rael. Good going, hope you are proud of the results, because they are yours–morons.

Contrary to those saying “only a communist revolution” can liberate Palestine, obviously the great majority of colonies went free with communist help but without communist revolution. In other words, Obama’s line so far is unnecessarily oppressive even within capitalism.

I see myself playing no formal or informal role in government going forward and will return to writing to “create public opinion and the independent institutions of the oppressed.” Obama, Clinton and the rest of the elite may very well pick a fight with me/MIM. They have already disorganized the MIM media, and now it is time for a fight to put it back in order.


1.  Haaretz service, “Olmert: U.S.-Israeli relations will grow even stronger under Obama,”

“‘The United States, including both parties, has been a true and strong friend of the State of Israel over the years, especially during former President Bush’s term of office,’ Olmert said.

“‘I am convinced that the United States’ deep and abiding ties with Israel will strengthen further,’ he added.”


2. Associated Press, “Hamas: Obama does not represent change,” 23Jan09,



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