Civic duties

Gov. Blagojevich was one with access to intelligence briefings. Whatever happens with him, we hope he stands with us after February 10 elections in Israel. We must be prepared to expose the Israeli rejection of the Arab peace initiative.

If the Arabs withdraw their peace initiative, I face a civic duty here through no fault of my own. On account of this duty, I am considering running for Senate, whether as Green, Libertarian or what I do not know yet.

My lifeplan was to be an anonymous website builder and distributor of literature. However, the rulers had different plans and wrapped me into their doings.

When a neighbor’s car battery dies, we face a civic duty to help jump the car. So it was with my non-MIM life that the rulers wove me into something that might need to come out in an election context.

In reply to the professional basketball player, again there was a certain indirect aesopian appearance created. There was never any direct offer of a job, not even by a proxy. What did occur occurred in the midst of murk and death threats.

It’s not that I have anymore faith in elections than before, but when one is walking through the park and picking up trash, it goes in the can. The rulers are making me carry around some trash. 

Though I do not know any of the rulers persynally, it is good to know that many of them do know the situation.


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