Why McCain did not run more anti-Wright ads

Although decentralized organizers talked about the Rev. Wright in Pennsylvania, overall there was very little anti-Wright campaigning during the election 2008 considering how the Republicans would usually go after a point such as Wright’s statements requoting Malcolm X. McCain did not dedicate centralized advertising to opposing Wright; even though, Obama attended Wright sermons for decades we are told.

The essential deal that went down was trading in lynching.  When the firestorm was going in March 2008, Obama said that Wright was “like an uncle”(1) in order to offer a trade. The trade concerned an uncle to a lynching in the Bush administration. The two sides made deals to prevent dirt from being flung.

Karl Rove pointed out that the specific lynching involved Democrats as the main actors to water down the value of the trafficking in lynching. That made the card less valuable to trade.

The trafficking in lynching played a regressive role in politics and guarantees that lynching will occur again for the same motivations. Those who have not read about diplomacy and spying and how it is conducted can try to live in denial.

Split-the-difference sorts always end up with petty-bourgeois politics in the West. They never conduct a thorough investigation of what they are doing. In the case of one lynching, some participants knew very well that there was no trial or investigation because the female involved ran off unaccountably in a hit-and-run rumor.

All the negative aspects of lynching were deemed necessary as a trading chip in stopping anti-Wright ads. That’s what it boils down to, racist Democrats and how they campaign to beat Republicans at the expense of revolutionary work. It’s too bad that alleged revolutionaries can’t see through that.


1. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/elections/2008/03/14/obama-calls-chicago-pastors-fiery-remarks-inflammatory-and-appalling/


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