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Applied knowledge and career choices

February 27, 2009

I’m sure I would be agreeing with a lot of my liberal critics if I had gone to graduate school in the 1950s. Then you say, “things change” and “move on.” But things did not change. What happened happened in the 1990s and 2000s, and in fact reaction received reinforcement in the 2008 election that will guarantee more of the same crap in the future.

It’s that I do not take the electoral system at all seriously while that question is outstanding still. So I cannot go into electoral politics at face-value and I also make a bad chip in a bargain.

If the lynched do not fight, then we are at 57% female in college now and nothing says we cannot become 67% white female in colleges in the future. So again, even revolution aside, in an ordinary career I would still have minimum Liberal standards that would not be met.

Of course it would be good to get some government experience, but even there looking at what has happened with so much at the classified level, the flow is one-way — from the ivory tower into the castle with moats. Elliott Abrams recently explained that he has signed a confidentiality agreement regarding his government work. So some applied science is part of a feedback loop, but some things that we learn in government do not go into the feedback loop, thereby decreasing the attractiveness of applied knowledge.


Class and gender ideas that lead to rich country xenophobia

February 27, 2009

Traditionally, the Left and then the left-wing of parasitism succeeding the Left in rich countries believed that by targeting the internal class elite, there would be an outlet preventing xenophobia. As reality happened, Hitler coopted social-democratic ideas of class and said parasites did indeed exist, but they happened to be Jews.

Hitler was able to get away with that, because already in the 1930s, the infection of parasitism was widespread and the ability and willingness of workers to undertake class struggle was already fatally weakened. Today, we do not have the fraction of society willing to fight for socialism in the streets that Germany did, so our situation is even worse in some ways. The reason is that parasitism developed further. There is even more reason now to find a scapegoat for parasitism, because more people have a self-interest in finding such a scapegoat.

With the left-wing of parasitism telling people that economic crisis is not their fault and that so-called workers generate 85% or 90% of their production for surplus-value, an unnecessarily innocent view of Amerika arises. If so-called workers are generating all that surplus-value, of course the economic crisis cannot be their fault.

Then in addition we have the pc view that females cannot be evil, with no such thing as a female enemy. There is no such thing as a “bitch” we hear.

So unemployment is not the so-called workers’ fault; the economic crisis is not the so-called workers’ fault. And we already know that there is no such thing as an evil female, so what is the overall picture: the nation is not at fault. So who is at fault?

We can try to turn to the top 2% of U.$. society. But if that is not the reality as the Wall Street Journal shows today, we only encourage imitator theories. “Hmmm, it’s not the so-productive workers. It’s not the so angelic wimmin. And yet something catastrophic is happening here. It must be _____.”

The good thing about garden-variety conservatism and libertarianism is that they will place blame where it belongs. They won’t call it “labor aristocracy,” but by speaking of responsibility, these sorts of rightists can contribute to internationalism.

For this reason it is not always clear who contributes more to fascism and xenophobia, the conservatives leaving racial structures unchanged or the social-democrats painting innocent pictures of the national majority via class and gender. I propose a multi-hit model of xenophobia, where conservatives and social-democrats can end up contributing.

What we do not want is unhealthy consequences of taking responsibility. So we should teach how to be a good sport. We don’t take to drink and drugs. Taking responsibility untempered by the respect we have for good sports can lead to guilt and internalized anger.

Heads up on MIM influence

February 27, 2009

If people are not seeing MIM influence all throughout the media, they are not paying attention.

The following Wall Street Journal article is amazing:

Yeah, they end by talking about taxes on the middle class. They are concerned with a different question than MIM, but they update some things that MIM is interested in.

But it does raise what it is that the top 2% could possibly do right or wrong that would account for a $7 trillion loss in the stock market, if one were to think about it.

The Wall Street Journal also has an article the same day calling for a “radical alternative” to Obama’s line.

Yet another article decodes Obama with Cliff Notes.

There is a kind of convergence on MIM analysis, but with a focus on how the middle-class is going to be screwed by the left-wing of parasitism’s zombie-like refusal to deal with reality.

Today, Krugman at the “New York Times” agreed that middle-class taxes are coming in the long-run. So the liberals and conservatives are still talking about what they care about and what a large portion of voters cares about, but some MIM-style knowledge is gradually making itself felt.

More on concerns about fascism as national expectations crushed

February 27, 2009

Today, the government admitted that the 4th quarter Gross National Product fell at an annual rate of 6.2%, not 3.8% as earlier reported. Such a miscalculation of that scale is rare and it is an example of what we need to avoid at this time.

I don’t have the feel for how Japanese fascism got going that I do for German and Italian. It’s hard to miss how World War I raised national expectations and then crushed them. When it comes to the bitterness of fascism, we’re lucky a smaller portion of Amerikans made that scale of sacrifices in Iraq and to some extent, Amerikans’  belief that they are winning the Iraq War has a silver lining, because Amerikans also believe that the war was not worth it despite being won. The silver lining is that something bad happened, but there is less bitterness about it. It’s only a silver lining and not the main story, because believing that they won a war clears the way for another.

When the Depression hit in 1929, Mussolini and Hitler were already on the scene ready to benefit. What had been ordinary nationalism became embittered and radical oppressor nationalism called fascism. Impressive sociology says we won’t get the Mussolini and Hitler mindset again because of the long-extinct influence of agrarian elites. Living in our day, I’m not so sure there is not an equivalent source of influence possible that did not exist in Hitler’s day. So it’s a question of taking chances.

If the government is going to do a $3.5 trillion budget to psych the markets, perhaps we could do without rhetoric calling it the Super-Duper Amerikan-Dream-Fixer-Upper of Can-Do-Its. At this moment, the negative 6.2% growth rate already means some people’s patriotic or nationalist hopes about the united $tates are being crushed. The answer is not to raise more vague hopes to be crushed and embittered. Even if Obama can keep a lid on things for a few years, we don’t want to risk this Depression’s being the World War I of a future fascist upsurge.


Fake letter of self-criticism

February 27, 2009

The following letter is a composite fantasy:

Dear MIM:

I’m sorry I didn’t realize the persyn I was working under was a Freudian, until you slammed it in my face so many years later. I suppose if I had gone to the speakout or read local newspaper articles about it, I would have figured it out after an argument with you. But then again, I did not even know at that point what you were talking about: only through gossip years later can I construct this argument. I guess some people had a bumpersticker level disagreement with you and did not have the guts to do the investigation to back it up, but went behind your back to me. Pretty hellishly ironic who I was working for given what we said later.

I’m sorry I didn’t take you up on those small group discussions of Catharine MacKinnon, Phyllis Chesler, Lenin and Freud. And to think that all those years after I left that job I was also working with a *published* Freudian, and we were so quick to spread rumors about you while not addressing main issues. It must seem to you like the world is crawling with Freudians and their unconscious disciples taking up inconsistent politics and theory. The Freudians were on my side acting aggressively against you; yet, we were also the ones taking bumpersticker stands as if you were the Freudian.

I’m glad you didn’t take my comparison of you to a math professor as another racial slur, even if only because you unconsciously protected your own sexual fantasies. I did know you were a social scientist after all.

Now that I have known many political activists, I can see how it rankled you that I compared you with someone I told you favored investment in apartheid. You must have been wondering why I did that when saying it was “too obvious” and that I did not want to be like my mother.

I totally forgot that you introduced your girlfriend to our mutual male best friend and gave the greenlight before the monogamy policy. Yet, I fed weird impressions to Freudians with racist axes to grind. It goes to show that we were completely ad hominem and not even accurate in our ad hominem attacks. A third persyn with a bumper-sticker stand and one of the few Maoists to side with me when I was wrong on this was the one to recruit a hard-liner for the Freudian line on incest – you know that incest is prevalent and none of those memories are suggested or invented. Go figure! Why is it that no one cares about consistency?

I regret having provided computer support to someone who was never even in the building regarding a certain racial incident we created a rumor for. We were quick to come up with that because our feelings were hurt, but we left dangerous rumors floating in the air for decades. You always warned us about accountability and the fact that it is easy to recruit in guises. You warned us not to be quarter-assed, but I ended up working with a racist network that not only spread false rumors but also spied on you.

I can’t believe I didn’t figure out what Marxism not being “accounting and statistics” referred to along with criticism of the “engineering perspective.” To think I was duped by some racists that obvious. And then the backstabbing! Why couldn’t anyone figure it out without your having to get persynally involved? We all knew that Marx’s main work Das Kapital was full of math, but we all pretended otherwise instead of expressing outrage. What if someone had said to another party, “Maoism is not all picking watermelons for the capitalists!”

I remember in school liking the teachers who left a warm and fuzzy feeling. I blocked out the ones with unpleasant affect. I guess that’s why I found it easier to work with inconsistent whites who said pleasant things to your face than to struggle hard over politics and theory of race, gender and class. There is no other explanation for why I agree with you on the white working class and still worked with these other people against you. I did figure out that cardinal principles require unanimity, even if I did not figure it out as quickly as party and RAIL members. I agreed with that, but I was not consistent in my politics. Sometimes I worked on the prisoner angle, but other times I went back to what I was doing before.

I’m still struggling with why I thought the Democratic Party is the real politics and what you were doing was not. You probably think I’m just bought off. I can see now that you had a good thing going and we got in the way. You were right to purge X. She turned out to be a crypto-Democrat. In fact, I can see that none of the people purged followed their own constitutional promises to form their own organizations upholding the cardinal principles. They all compromised what they used to say were their principles after they left MIM.

Even if White House politics were the real politics, we ended up doing and hiding something that we seek the White House to stop. The right to a job for any race has been won. It’s time to take the struggle to the next level.

As to why Lansing knew and conducted an investigation, the city council knew, federal level Republicans knew, local Democratic Party leaders knew and yet my circles did not know — well I will only plead age on that one point. I do blame the more senior people who should have known better than to do all that. I shouldn’t have gone along with them. When given the choice between struggling over issues with other people their age, or copping out of struggle and following the political leadership of people a generation older, youth should opt for struggle in their own context instead of scheming with elders.

Bourgeois idealism on careers and purges

February 26, 2009

Currently, there is a career website for people wanting to make $100,000 a year or more. The philosophy of the website reflects perfectly on what capitalism is — that there are some who make much bigger contributions than others.

Unfortunately, because of uneven educational opportunities and other factors, the vanguard party in the concept of Lenin cannot yet be too much different. So ordinary people see the clip below and think career; whereas, I think of why we need purges still.

We Maoists should chase after the national bourgeoisie. We should also work on some Democrats and Republicans, but in the party itself, the question is different. If the Weather Underground did not say some very alienating things about how people would not walk past a local murder in progress without doing something about it and then demanding internationalism about the bombing of Vietnam, I might not have reached up into ideological principle and seen the difference it makes. Quality matters.

See the clip below:

The New York Post cartoonist flap

February 26, 2009

There is a secondary meaning to the New York Post cartoonist flap, quite ingenious really. I don’t think NAACP protesters should be called extremists pursuing narrow self-interests. That sort of protest benefits the whole society in principle. On the other hand, the interpretation of that cartoon should not be left at the bumpersticker level. It’s talking about something the public does not know about yet. I was a little too incomplete in addressing it before. Needless to say it’s once again the pornography machine at work.


Ahem, surplus-value comes from where?

February 26, 2009

The silence is deafening. If most of the surplus-value comes from inside the united $tates, and there was no strike wave, then why is there now the beginning of a Depression?

Hopefully we now see which system of thought underestimated the potential for deep crisis and did not begin to point the spear at the source of surplus-value. That’s why they came up with stupid ideas like being crypto-Democrats, working with mob tactics, hoping to expand government payrolls just to expand the Democratic voter base — oh, and did I mention that I didn’t see any stalker-vigilantes sent after Biden or Gilliband, but I did see the most prominent minority before Obama’s rise taken out of the cabinet by an Obama donor. It’s all that crap plus working with Cheney against Iran and opposing international polarization, because the left-wing of parasitism didn’t have a real proletariat to work with and could not hit the broadside of the class struggle barn.

A non-comment on Palestinian unity government

February 26, 2009

As to whether Hamas should respect Fatah’s earlier international agreements and seek the presidency, that is not for me to say.  Jimmy Carter says Israel should have accepted a Hamas offer relayed through him. That seems obvious. Hamas recently opposed the “backstabbing” of Egypt and the “extortion” of I$rael against Hamas.

Since it seems that the Palestinians have gotten no where, the obvious position would be that previous agreements with I$rael must have been more of a hindrance overall than help. Others would say it makes it tougher to negotiate with one’s nation if one does not honor other factions’ agreements.

Minutes from the anti-Fed chief’s speech

February 26, 2009

Data report from the anti-Fed chief

“I went down to a local business and found a senior white male discussing the economic crisis nonstop with his friend who did 5% of the talking.

“When I arrived they were discussing Reagan and Carter’s recession. However, discussion then turned to a previous career in Honda of all places. Our senior white male reported over and over again that Honda has ‘the highest quality standards in the world.’ Yet he also said, “I’m the idiot who still buys American cars.”

Our subject of observation was unaware of the exact high of the Dow Jones, but knew it had fallen by half. He also said accurately “the big guys are on the sidelines,” in reference to people holding assets in cash not stocks.

2. Minutes from the anti-Fed chief’s speech

In addition to pegging the risk between deflation or inflation and tight money or loose money, we are now starting a report on the risk of fascism. Previously, the anti-Fed chief restricted such reports to agrarian-dominated societies.

“Japanese exports to the US, where the global downturn began, fell nearly 53% in January, while shipments to the European Union shrank by 47%, Japan’s finance ministry said.”(1) Car exports are off 69%.

This is a huge collapse. Although Matt Miller at the “Wall Street Journal” and Patrick Buchanan are comparing the current economy with late stages of the Great Depression, they are wrong. Unemployment did not reach 25% in the United $tates in the first year. It took a few years for the economy to reach that level. In 1929, unemployment was below 5%.(2)

The decision to start a concern with the risk of fascism and increased war can only stem from understanding the unique factors of our time. Most accounts of German fascism say that the Depression played a role. That factor was supposed to be gone from current politics, but it is not.

The anti-Fed chief is calling on social-democratic forces to learn the lessons of the last Depression and start now, before it is too late, by doing things differently than last time. Sow the seeds of economic nationalism and pride and you will reap the politics of war and fascism.

3. The international climate for surplus-value

For a few months now, the dollar maintained high ground against $outhern Korean and Chinese currencies while losing it against Japan’s. At this moment, the Japanese currency is on the decline against the dollar again. Despite increased surplus-value flow possibilities from China and Korea, the united $tates is still staggering.

The East Asian peoples are being told by some misleaders from the West that they must endure belt-tightening to prop up Western consumers. That’s why the Korean and Chinese currencies declined against the dollar despite Yankee complaints about wanting it to go the other way for political consumption in the United $tates. Yet even the most hardened Asian lackeys will say one thing to the Yankee bossman and figure out something else.

Because of the accumulation of capital, the United $tates is seeking to intensify exploitation of East Asia as its way out of this crisis. In World War II, the capitalists simply destroyed their capital in order to restore profit rates — not the bright way to go.

The real solution is to give up taking market signals. East Asia is well suited to make use of its own production instead of handing it over to the Yankee for pieces of paper good only for the products of other exploited countries, not Yankee products (except much smaller quantitites of agriculture, pornography and rock’n’roll of course).

The national bourgeoisie unwilling to go for socialism should nonetheless hold the line against Amerikan protectionism and Amerikan financial manipulation of other countries’ assets. Good sports would not allow Honda and Toyota to bear the brunt of the turndown in cars. The Amerikan auto industry lost fair and square. If the Amerikans cannot absorb this fact, it becomes more urgent for East Asians to be rethinking the rules of the game.