Aesopian use of old MIM website and MIM structure

Many readers are still bewildered by the set of events that has happened to MIM, repression-wise. In another post, I explained that the rulers have keyed in on our leader with electronic surveillance including satellite. This makes it impossible for the readers to have equal access to what is going on with MIM, because our readers have no access to what happens in MIM surveillance life. That is a different situation than just putting together a public opinion organization dependent on evenly accessible works.

Another thing that happened is that diplomats started using the old MIM website as a currency of conversation. Most of our readers are untrained in Aesopian discussion and do not pay enough attention to politics to follow what happens. International conversation happens in English and keying in on what the MIM website has a couple benefits: 1) the English is not too convoluted, so that it is good for non-English speakers; 2) the topics covered are international and fit the views of many international leaders, moreso than the mainstream press of Amerika.

In other words, through no choice of MIM’s own, MIM’s work ended up hijacked for various purposes. Being used in domestic politics has been a drag, but our readers should be happy with the international results connected to having MIM be a base of discussion currency.

Our enemies have claimed that our political work is not irreplaceable. The Democrats already have taken Bob Avakian “Invasion of the Body-Snatchers” style.

A weakness in the previous MIM work is that there was a gradual accumulation of dead wood and a lack of training in Aesopian or literary racist techniques as MIM calls them. We call them literary racist techniques, because the isolating effect of English is bad enough. When English becomes further rarified and turned into elitist turf of intellectuals, even more oppressed nation and exploited people end up weeded out of discussion. The old MIM website was direct in its language and accessible to many of the Third World’s leaders.

MIM does not reference the people doing all the talking about us, because our domestic enemies might stop talking if they thought too many people were watching. So it’s a case where you either know what is going on or you do not.

Internationally, MIM is much better off. We have supporters in all the countries one hears about most often in the news.


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