Benjamin Netanyahu picked to lead I$rael

The results of the February 10 election in I$rael are that Netanyahu has received permission to form the next government. Netanyahu favors neither a two-state solution nor one-persyn-one-vote for Palestinians, which means the colonization of the West Bank and Gaza will continue.

Meanwhile U.$. envoy Mitchell has called for a Palestinian unity government, now that Abbas’s term as president is over. On the surface, the move parallels moves for a unity government in I$rael that would link pro-two-staters to the Netanyahu government. Sometimes Netanyahu is equated with Hamas politically, while Livni and Abbas receive the label “moderate.”

Hamas has pointed out that the most openly anti-peace leaders have now come to power in I$rael. The Olmert led Kadima government did not have the umph to accept the Arab peace initiative and then I$rael dumped scandals on him to leave doubt as to any negotiating Olmert did. Now we receive confirmation of all that with the Netanyahu pick to head the government.

The next move will be to say that Netanyahu will continue the previous government’s commitment to move the Syria question along, despite Netanyahu’s own public statements. However, the political forces behind Netanyahu will be sure to make life impossible for the Palestinians and thereby scotch the mood for any peace deals in the Mideast.(1)

Unfortunately we have no proletariat in the united $tates to pressure Obama to pressure I$rael. We just have MIM here. A poll out shows that only 15% of Americans have a favorable view of Palestinians while the figure is 63% for I$raelis.(2) That means one is “extremist” inside U.$. borders to support the cause of decolonization of the Palestinians. What we must learn is not to trust those pursuing 51% support, not to mention 90% of those within U.$. borders. Such a strategy leaves the Palestinians no where. It’s an example of pragmatism, where the strategy wags the tail of principle, in this case opposing colonialism. Opposing colonialism is in the interests of the vast majority of the world and so we have to tailor our strategies to that, which means we have to have minority strategy inside U.$. borders. The leaders opposing the MIM line are scum and the followers opposing MIM line are naive about their leaders.

Mao supported “extremism” when necessary and went to great lengths to oppose  Mencius and the “doctrine of the mean.” We at MIM were the first to say (before Obama’s Iowa victory in the Democratic primaries) that when Blacks realized Obama was Black he would surge in the polls and very possibly win. When we look at polls we also have to have knowledge of factors that make polls change. Negative views of Palestinians have been around for decades in the united $tates, but Obama could still go on television and explain that Palestinians can’t vote, because I$rael controls them. MIM’s consistent position has been that the Palestinian issue is mostly within bourgeois reach, whereas other life-and-death issues require socialism and then advance into communism.





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