The liberal Liberals are humoring me

The liberal Liberals are humoring me and putting on a show of pressuring my enemies inside the Democratic Party. I don’t want to say that everything they are saying is wrong, but I’ve already spelled out actions necessary.

Obama and Holder have shown that the occupational structure can be breached racially.

The world is also generally familiar with the idea of decolonization. For Haniyeh to become president of Gaza is not that much of a reach given what has happened since Mao set the example in 1949 or George Washington before that.

For the Martin Luther King dream, the real last barriers are global economic ones and interracial dating. I’m not sure that Amerika is ready to live without all kinds of vague codes that permit lynching of minorities who come to date white daughters. There is no academic proof that the court system is good at what it does, but Amerikans insist on leaving all kinds of unstructured opportunist spaces for lynching, just not from trees.

Harry Potter, John Reed, Harry Reid–sometimes the coincidences are astonishing. My arch-nemeses are good at what they do, but they are not so important that I would become a Liberal or social-fascist just to deal with them.

I’m just an individual and I have specified my terms for selling out and as one has noted I’m “not going cheap.”

I prefer to think of myself as a chance for creating a new bipartisan foreign policy direction. If half as many Republicans lined up for a chance to do what the capitalist system can do as Democrats lined up with Bush to go into Iraq, we’d be well on our way.


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