They told us it didn’t matter, but now they see

All these years we heard that the Amerikan workers are so productive, and some organizations said surplus-value taken from U.$. workers that forms the basis of profits was 17 or 18x out of 20x parts of production. Never mind they never had any evidence for that: they didn’t care anymore than creationists care about fossils.

If profits are so high, such a large portion of the U.$. economy, then financing the U.$. debt should be a piece of cake. Rich U.$. people should just loan the money to the government with tons left to spare, because even the colossal annual deficit added to debt is small compared with 17 or 18 out of 20 parts of annual production known as GNP.

Yet, the Chinese lend more to the Treasury Dept. in short term notes per year than total U.$. profits — and that’s just the Chinese.

So left-wing-of-parasitism-inspired Obama comes to power and he immediately has to make a choice. If he ramps up fiscal stimulus like the Keynesians and social-democrats want, he creates a bigger budget deficit. But the borrowing for that comes out of Third World hides. The notes are a subsidy to the U.$. government at current inflation and interest rates. Even if deflation turns these notes into a marginally sound investment, the question would still be whether the Third World should be investing here. The parasite social-democrats and phony communists didn’t think there were any hard choices to make, because, de facto, science did not matter for them. They think MIM just does all this work for a hobby and what really matters is learning in college how to invent stalking charges, so we can cover for electing a Democrat. Parasitic economic theories lead to parasitic politics.

But it goes without saying  with some chauvinists calling themselves “Maoist” echoing bourgeois economists like Larry Summers on the difference in wages between the united $tates and Third World, that economic reality did not factor in the economic nationalists of Amerika’s thinking.

If profits were 17 or 18 parts out of 20, then it’s also hard to explain how a multi-trillion dollar hole in the private sector just appeared — especially since there was no sudden U.$. strike upsurge.

There was a class struggle outside U.$. borders. Some unrealized surplus-value went poof and it was a big poof, because it is there to go poof, not insignificant like the closet white nationalists of the left-wing of parasitism told us.


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