Ahem, surplus-value comes from where?

The silence is deafening. If most of the surplus-value comes from inside the united $tates, and there was no strike wave, then why is there now the beginning of a Depression?

Hopefully we now see which system of thought underestimated the potential for deep crisis and did not begin to point the spear at the source of surplus-value. That’s why they came up with stupid ideas like being crypto-Democrats, working with mob tactics, hoping to expand government payrolls just to expand the Democratic voter base — oh, and did I mention that I didn’t see any stalker-vigilantes sent after Biden or Gilliband, but I did see the most prominent minority before Obama’s rise taken out of the cabinet by an Obama donor. It’s all that crap plus working with Cheney against Iran and opposing international polarization, because the left-wing of parasitism didn’t have a real proletariat to work with and could not hit the broadside of the class struggle barn.


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