Bourgeois idealism on careers and purges

Currently, there is a career website for people wanting to make $100,000 a year or more. The philosophy of the website reflects perfectly on what capitalism is — that there are some who make much bigger contributions than others.

Unfortunately, because of uneven educational opportunities and other factors, the vanguard party in the concept of Lenin cannot yet be too much different. So ordinary people see the clip below and think career; whereas, I think of why we need purges still.

We Maoists should chase after the national bourgeoisie. We should also work on some Democrats and Republicans, but in the party itself, the question is different. If the Weather Underground did not say some very alienating things about how people would not walk past a local murder in progress without doing something about it and then demanding internationalism about the bombing of Vietnam, I might not have reached up into ideological principle and seen the difference it makes. Quality matters.

See the clip below:


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