Life imitates art or vice-versa

From the computer video game “Ruler 2020”:

“It will begin with the destabilization of the US dollar. So long a bastion of western supremacy, a symbol of capitalist power. For too long its value would be artificially buoyed by western governments, unconcerned at having to deal with any long-term consequences. As long as it suited the current Administration, the ‘buck’ would be passed onto the next.

At about the same time as the dollars fall from grace, the price of a barrel of oil will exceed the $100 mark. Global trading markets will slump in panic. Even so, in the next decade, demand for oil will surpass the 100m barrels per day mark. All the while, the price of a barrel will continue to rise. Western states long for a return to the ‘good ol’ days of a $100 dollar barrel of crude. 
Economic slowdown begins to affect the western democracies. Previously US friendly trader partners will be forced to look elsewhere as the crises in the dollar escalates. Among the biggest, Germany looks eastward to a ready-made market on its doorstep, the former Soviet superpower – Russia.
Political instability begins to spread as governments unable to correct economic down-term fall by the wayside, only to be replaced within months in an endless spiral. Day-to-day economic decision-making is taken away from elected officials, as Democratic institutions are brushed aside. Decisions are exclusively made in the locked boardrooms of powerful self-serving corporations.
Domestic and international violence surges as average GDP income increases in oil rich states, but declines among citizens of the western democracies. Disturbances fuelled by the gap between the lower and working classes and the very wealthy will spread throughout every country like a rampant cancer.
All the while, what is left of failing governments will plan for illegitimate invasions in pre-emptive land grabs. Desperate political leaders will gamble on a lack of action by preoccupied nations and an impotent United Nations. All for the sake oil and its continuous flow. To this end old enemies will be courted. Principles will be shed. Secret deals made behind closed doors to ensure that the flow remains uninterrupted. And always in the background the escalation of nuclear re-armament!
This is the world of Supreme Ruler 2020. Twelve years away from now. Only twelve years and the clock is ticking…”


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