Scaring oneself off with psychological pseudo-reason

The best way to cover up a dirty deed is to have the perpetrators anonymous or “Satanist” or Freemasons.
Then “self-respecting” media won’t report it. Today we had an exception with regard to a statue.

“But the controversy has also stirred up people in other ways. Conspiracies have floated around the Internet for years about secret bunkers or caverns beneath the terminals at the Denver airport. Symbols of Freemasonry are also said to abound on airport floors and walls.

“’It’s brought out the conspiracy theorists who think there are aliens living under the airport,’ said Patricia Calhoun, the editor of Westword, an alternative weekly paper in Denver that is helping organize a ‘Blue Mustang’ poetry slam in April to share horse haiku as part of National Poetry Month.”

The trick to this sort of approach is again essentially ad hominem or psychological pseudo-reasoning that looks at who people are instead of policy, results and corruption.

The WAAF radio station is running a huge ad series for Freemasonry right now. WAAF is a regular and popular radio station in Massachusetts. The mason website says the Freemasons are just a fraternity, no secrets. So it’s not terribly interesting.




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