Spring is coming

In a little over two weeks, we reach the two month mark in Obama’s term and Spring.

Things go on as before: “An Islamic Jihad leader Thursday ruled out imminent ceasefire with Israel following the killing of three militants in two airstrikes this morning and last night. “(1)

So far I$rael is still bombing Gaza. Check. I$rael is still blockading Gaza. Check.

Hamas says the Bush policy continues. Of course.

For my communist readers getting impatient, we have a broad international united front including anti-militarist capitalists and the moderate national bourgeoisie. Sometimes I have to explain why we did something a certain way.

There continues to be career buzz surrounding me. Even more amazing, I continue to pick up both domestic and international chips to play, which is only because there is still some vacuum not being filled.

Now I say to the moderate national bourgeoisie — about the rumors you have heard — why would I turn down money adding up to seven digits over the years if there were not backstabbing and violence involved? I certainly needed the money. So something about the story does not add up. I’m not being extremist.

It also has to do with people who have made me regret every agreement I ever made with them. That looks like something we can’t fix. And it is only fitting at this moment.

There is much energy and back-and-forth with the Obama administration. According to Noam Chomsky and Democrat Gravel, things have even moved forward a tad on Iran and Syria. I don’t want to be oblivious to that.

The international united front should prepare to deepen struggle with Spring. The capabilities of the international united front are much greater than anything an individual career can do.

Class struggle can lop off half the U.$. GNP. After that, it should become easier to deal with the united $tates.



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