Assorted acknowledgements

To de-crankify:
The Chinese made a good point in the news today. More surprising, the I$raelis made a point that I hadn’t considered.

Some of my critics saw me get upset at the end of December and in January. I wish I could say it was just over the Palestinians in Gaza, but I continue to receive news about my persynal life on a wide variety of subjects, not just the worst baggage.

To return to usual mode:
Elites already know that Willie Horton was the 1988 election. The lynching of McCain’s Asian daughter was the 2000 election. And whatever anyone in a capitalist class might think of me, intelligent people already know what happened in 2008. Claims of “change” on this point are not credible for important purposes.

It’s actually much harder here to destroy scholarships than to make a politician’s career go poof. If they can do one, the other is child’s play.

The value of what these Democrats are pretending to offer is easily measured. They are so attached to lynching that they would rather have Biden, Gillibrand and Clinton. No offense to any of those individuals, but their supporters are not hungry for change.

Now if Obama had chosen Eugene Rivers as his vice-president and Noam Chomsky as his Secretary of State and then MIM said it would never run for office, that would potentially have a different meaning. The intentions of the racist Democrats reveal themselves very clearly through political practice.

That’s why we see as of yesterday Obama is coordinating with I$rael in its attacks on MIM. In addition, Senator Lieberman now supports Obama.(1) It seems that maybe I$rael needs to do Obama some favors.

There were always people who never could argue with MIM about class reality, so they turned to attacking MIM persynally. They think we are going to traffick in all kinds of silly and racist garbage instead of leading a potent class struggle. They’re crazy. They’ve done nothing but get in the way.



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