Chas Freeman

Dennis Blair failed in appointing Chas Freeman to do intelligence work. Freeman was too pro-Arab and pro-China is what we hear from the lobbyists and media.(1)

This was a heads-Obama-wins-tails-Obama-wins. Had Freeman been accepted, Obama would have done favors to certain circles. Now those circles do favors to him instead by not being in the government.

No one can say Freeman lost his job for reasons of racial discrimination, a fear in the Obama administration. So this enables Obama to come up with a post hoc argument.

All said, there is a certain safety in finding Noam Chomskys.

Freeman said only the obvious about blowback, but it was too much: “‘What 9/11 showed is that if we bomb people, they bomb back.'”(2)

In any case, Obama has gained either way, but the direction of the U.S. Government may not have gained. What has gained is discussion. These are views not usually discussed by the media, so despite the inner circle motivations, there is some positive benefit. Walking the fine line between seeing I$rael as the dog that wags the tail and actually always bowing to the I$rael lobby is what the world has yet to see. It’s a very difficult question for the world to sort out.

MIM does not want to appear unaware of these sorts of personnel moves, but even the best personnel moves just do not matter that much. The national bourgeoisie should not get hung up on appointing the president of the united $tates or anyone lower at this moment, because the national bourgeoisie can lead a much more powerful class struggle. There are some people in the government who can make a difference if given the material to work with.

The national bourgeoisie should be focussing on the macroeconomic situation globally. Diplomatic cards and personnel questions are always ongoing, but at this moment, the national bourgeoisie can change the economic balance of power to a much larger degree than usual. That is what the national bourgeoisie should pay attention to. Level the playing field and we stupid Amerikans including our stupid lackey types can do the rest.




3. The Wall Street Journal writer Bret Stephen said Charles Freeman is a “crackpot.”

Intelligent people see that Freeman was a Bush Sr. appointee.


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