David Duke updates real fears

Former KKK and neo-Nazi leader David Duke still links to “Stormfront” and other such websites on his website. His website now explains that “The United States is well on the road to being dominated by an Asian technocratic elite,”(1) and those are their first words on the subject of enrollment at Harvard.

MIM had reported before that sociological surveys surprised their administrators when it turned out that whites sometimes fear Asians more than Blacks. When it comes to economics and dating, Asians are the top threat.

David Duke’s website writer Kevin McDonald puts it this way: “Women’s tendency to be attracted to wealthy, powerful men, and women’s relatively greater attraction to close relationships, empathy, and nurturance. These differences make women less likely to be attracted to white racialist movements given the current political context.”(2)

What MIM has called the ‘ho question in the past is now scaring whites more and more. The road to scooping up the white female is through money, the David Duke website fears, and the road to money is through being able to compete like Asians.

Currently, David Duke is factually wrong, because white cultural fears of Asians more than make up for any financial or education advantages Asians have. However, Duke is worried about a trend and the future. His supporters can be found in discussion groups talking about the Christian line on rape.


1. http://www.davidduke.com/general/harvard-hates-whites%e2%80%94does-america-too_8150.html

2. http://www.davidduke.com/general/the-problem-with-white-men-is-our-culture_8084.html


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