No taxation without representation! Toward world government!

Kazakhstan(1) has joined Iran(2) in calling for an international currency and blaming the dollar bubble for international economic woes. In the initial stages of crisis, Sarkozy in France also floated the idea.

The dollar is used about 70% of the time internationally. As a result, an old-fashioned tribute ends up paid into the Amerikkkan economy. The trade deficit in U.$. dollars more than covers all dividends paid out by U.$. corporations. In other words, non-Amerikans holding dollars fetishize the dollar to such an extent that they are ALONE responsible for U.$. dividends. It is a measure of internalized racism, and only one measure because there are others.

If the dollar collapsed today, there would be no profits in the U.$. economy, period.

However, the story does not end there. Not only is the private sector of the united $tates subsidized by the rest of the world. The U.S. government is also subsidized by the rest of the world. U.S. taxpayers do NOT fund the U.S. government, only up to a point, never enough to cover the whole budget. New deficits added each year are covered by the Chinese and Japanese, first and second-place respectively.(3)

That is why it is nonsense to say as the Amerikkkan con artists Obama and Summers that the United $tates is the best investment.(4) First of all, 3.X% over ten years is a crappy return especially given likely inflation. Secondly, and more importantly, if there is no surplus in either the private or government sector, why should international creditors think the united $tates is solvent? The love of Amerikkka by the national bourgeoisie has gone too far.

And who pays for this love of Amerikkka? The Chinese, Japanese, etc. — twice. First they take a loss on their loans to the U.$. government. Then they take a loss in economic development — all because the U.$. does not run either a private or government surplus.

MIM has never argued for eugenics or IQ. We have always brought the truth about these falsehoods. However, we know that a large portion of the national bourgeoisie hooked by the dollar does believe in eugenics and IQ. Yet, look at how the Obama counterrrevolution mocks you, national bourgeoisie, lately. They dismiss MIM’s argument about surplus arising from a racist international wage structure. OK. They say MIM is wrong and Amerikans really are worth more, and not just because you the national bourgeoisie gave them the capital.

Even assuming that MIM critics were correct about the international wage structure, look at the risks!

“In verbal and performance I.Q., an average Dutch 14-year-old in 1982 scored 20 points higher than the average person of the same age in his parents’ generation in 1952. These I.Q. increases over a single generation suggest that the environmental conditions for developing brains have become more favorable in some way. . . .

“Research on working memory training, as well as Flynn’s original observations, raise the possibility that the fast-paced modern world, despite its annoyances (or even because of them) may be improving our reasoning ability. Maybe even multitasking — not the most efficient way to work — is good for your brain because of the mental challenge.”(5)

“Modern world” and “multi-tasking” — if the national bourgeoisie does not find a way to invest in the oppressed nations, the IQ of the oppressed nations may be at risk from a lack of computers and so on to stimulate the brain! That’s according to these Obama counterrevolutionaries at the New York Times, but their bourgeois argument backfires in the current capitalist crisis.

The United States itself started supposedly because of “taxation without representation.” Right now, a majority of Amerikan voters determines who runs the government in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Meanwhile, the people who actually pay for the U.S. Government budget have no representation.

If there were an international currency, there would have to be international banks with international regulation — a step toward world government. We leave aside whether bourgeois internationalist or Bolshevik, but world government would be better than what we have.

The judgment of Amerikans just cannot be trusted: it’s too far off to be negotiated with. Amerikkkans have gone on for decades arguing imperceptibly against MIM. They are simply too racist and national chauvinist to be the linchpin of international finance. The global surplus should go to world government, not occupation of countries to benefit Amerikan peculiarities.



2. Iran concretely called for a currency for its region of 400 million people:

“Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Iraq, Qatar and several Central Asian countries.”

3. “China held $696 billion in U.S. Treasury debt as of Dec. 31, more than Japan’s holdings of $578 billion. Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury debt at the end of last year totaled $3.1 trillion.”

4. Prime Minister Wen Jiabao of China made very timely remarks today.

“‘Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I’m a little bit worried,’ Wen said at a news conference Friday after the closing of China’s annual legislative session. ‘I would like to call on the United States to honor its words, stay a credible nation and ensure the safety of Chinese assets.'”

China attacked “reckless” spending by the united $tates.

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