The new phase of political struggle

The economic downturn has changed the priorities of political struggle. MIM was the first to show the connection between the national question and effective strategy against U.$. military recruiting. The Martin Luther King style of Amerikan nationalism is now boosting military recruiting.

In belated response to MIM, The New York Times and others have noted that the recession drives the poor to the military for jobs.

In this current phase of struggle, government spending on the military counts as Keynesian “pump priming” according to the Democrats who justify it. On the other hand, we of classical economic training understand that military recruiting increases the calcification of the economy: it’s hard to say if it’s bad or not at this point, because it is stupid to the point of czarist. In other words, in this phase of struggle, we are not trying to starve the military machine out of Iraq and Afghanistan, because the level of stupidity involved with the U.S. Government makes broader revolution possible if the czarist types stay at it.

Though they will not admit it in public, because of labor aristocracy voters, there are many in government who would like to see the military cut way back. They may or may not have a political chance at this moment. Whatever they say in public, there will be important people who like MIM’s idea of cutting the military 50% by 2010. If they do not take the chance, the prospects for revolution only brighten.



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