Lockerroom talk

Relative to other men, I don’t like oral sex. I’m better getting the job done other ways.

I’m also for equality, and that does not work out with me for oral sex, because one side will see a result and the other will not, especially relative to effort. So better to skip the whole thing usually, not as a rule, just by preference. And I’m sure some couples do work more evenly on that question.

In the lockerroom, inequality in oral sex is acceptable. So politics enters into the subject. I don’t consider it a big deal, just a question where politics influences taste.

Another area where I would say it’s even more important to get out of the lockerroom is turning down sex as a male. For example, an attractive female propositioned me in front of a couple sports teams over my house one time. I could easily be punished both by males and females in that situation for turning down sex. However, if one is trying to build a party or work in a professional context, there has to be more attention going to when the male turns down sex.

We need our young dragons to understand that sex intertwines and makes complications — even sometimes when it seems the female is initiating contact. So for party-building purposes, we have no use for boasting about conquests. If there is to be boasting, it should be when males do the principled thing.

Not that we are there now, but when the party gets momentum going, that is the direction things will be going — not Freudian free-for-alls as if we already lived in a society of free love.

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