Slamdunk for MIM structuralist feminist line: Japan

Economic coercion is up ever so slightly in Japan. The marriage rate has been in free-fall for a long time there, but with the recession and an increase in unemployment, talk is of marriage, which just hit a five year high.

Sorry guys, word is out that your looks don’t matter in Japan. Females are getting “practical” about it. They cannot afford to live alone anymore. So what does that tell people about sexual history up to now, especially in times when the economy was much rougher than today?

When females get the chance, they give up contact with males, not in every case, but on average — proof that there is and was coercion underlying gender relations.

The difference between MIM feminism and pseudo-feminism eroticizing power or class is that MIM would not say males are wrong for focus on looks, if the alternative is female emphasis on class or power. That is what pseudo-feminism usually leaves out of the discussion. We’d rather see Japan restructure itself so females don’t take up with males for economic reasons.



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