Mideast update

1. More Hamas leaders have been taken prisoner by I$rael.(1)

2. I$raeli Defense Minister and Labor Party leader Barak argues to enter the Netanyahu government in exchange for peace negotiations on all tracks.(2) Nonetheless, Netanyahu is still not for two-state solution.

3. Abbas says there won’t be meaningful negotiations without Jerusalem and cessation of settlements.(3)

4. Shalit negotiations go on again and off again. There is a two-week extension because Netanyahu delayed formation of government.(4) Hamas makes a good point that I$rael should not ask for deportation of Hamas prisoners to Europe and the United $tates, because those places consider Hamas terrorist, so it would just mean continued imprisonment — house arrest.

Where we are today is that we have neither I$raeli acceptance of a peace plan nor equality of process. Barak campaigned for the Arab Peace Initiative, but he lost the election big time. So we have no accepted plan and we have no equality of process urgency, whereby a blockade of Gaza is equalled by a blockade of I$rael. Barak is offering to serve as a fig-leaf for the peace process, to cover up for Netanyahu and Obama instead of obtaining what I$rael needs to make peace. Barak is more concerned with staving off pressure on I$rael than getting the job done.

MIM hasn’t demanded anything Abbas has not also demanded. The situation is just that poor.

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