Conspiracy thick in air in I$rael

The Labor Party in I$rael voted to join the Netanyahu government due to be formed Monday with Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister.

“United Torah Judaism” was now claiming not to be interested in the Netanyahu government, because of a conversion issues stance that Yisrael Beitenu secured in a deal with Netanyahu. This created the appearance that the Labor Party has put Netanyahu in power.(1)

Without sufficient votes to form a government for Netanyahu, President Peres would have given Livni in the Kadima Party a chance to form a government.

Rumors of a Barak-Netanyahu deal had flown long before elections.

In turn, Obama has done his part by calling for “peristence” and not expecting anything to get done in the peace process anytime soon.(2)

This in turn caused an expected unravelling in Palestinian unity talks.(3) In fact, Hamas is now calling for the arrest of the former prime minister Fayyad as an I$raeli collaborator imposed by the united $tates. Hamas is proceeding with unity talk despite the fact that it accuses leaders of Fatah of bending to U.$. will on a regular basis.

“Ha’aretz” floated the idea that Netanyahu might endorse the Arab peace initiative. So far what we see is that politicians do politician stuff, not much more. In Barak’s case, the justification was patriotism, not ministry jobs for his small party.

On a more optimistic note crediting the Obama administration, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal says it’s only a matter of time before the great powers recognize Hamas and that he’s encouraged by Obama’s rhetoric toward the Middle East.(4)

As for most recent practical business with I$rael, Hamas says prisoner talks will not be eternal. Hamas has suggested stages of events to I$rael for a prisoner exchange. The same issue dates back to the Bush administration. It will be interesting to see if this problem resolves itself by the time of the new I$raeli administration next week.



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