Mideast update: Will the EU save Obama’s ass?

Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu says he faces no pressure from the United $tates in the peace process wtih Palestinians and does not expect any in the future.(1)

Meanwhile, I$rael bombed Sudan for allegedly helping the Palestinian organization Hamas. It now says the attack aimed at disciplining Iran.(2) The attacks (one in February coming to light as well) apparently overflew Arab airspace judging by newspaper graphics, which would imply Obama gave the green light given U.$. bases on the peninsula. One Sudanese government official even says it was U.$. planes involved.(3)

President Obama chose this very moment to celebrate the peace accords Jimmy Carter brokered between Egypt and I$rael.(4) What a figleaf. Even Egypt’s semi-official press said that Egypt was not celebrating this year,(5) because of I$raeli activity. Leave it to Obama to make the Egyptian lackeys look great. Thank you Egypt.

In fact, much recent news makes sense through the Iran angle.(6) While George W. Bush left hints that the united $tates might shoot down I$raeli planes before they reached Iran, with Obama we are seeing I$raeli unity for attacks on Iran. There was an attack on Iranian convoy by I$rael’s air force in February according to “Ha’aretz.” MIM does not forget that I$rael used Nancy Pelosi for a peace overture to Syria, including statements about no impending attacks just weeks before I$rael attacked. Perhaps Obama’s rhetoric about Iran serves the same function.

Roger Cohen gave us the elite update on Palestinians.(7) In reality land, (a.k.a. television), “Guardians of Israel” ran an ad yesterday whereby one could donate $55 or $110 to provide blankets and food for needy Israelis traumatized by their recent bombing of Gaza. The ad references scary pictures of rockets shooting from Gaza and so-called terrorists marching in training.

That would be an example of whimsical humor, which Gail Collins also practices in recent columns. Seriously though, people should not get too caught up in the media and elites. If there is a problem negotiating with the united $tates, we need only look at the realities of politics here. Those long television infomercials are worth more than the occasional “Ha’aretz” and “New York Times” editorials combined.

On the bright side, Hamas and Egypt are making strenuous efforts to make a deal on I$raeli prisoner Shalit before Olmert leaves office, presumably Monday.

We need to hear Obama commit to shooting down I$raeli planes on the way to Armageddon in Iran. He is being caught green-lighting attacks on Arab peoples — just as MIM charged all along with regard to him and his crypto-Democratic labor aristocracy pseudo-communists polluting the anti-war movement with their secret machinations.

Yesterday the EU president denounced Obama’s stimulus plan as the “way to hell.”(8) We can only hope the EU shows better sense than the United $tates. There is already some I$raeli discussion about damage to relations with I$rael’s largest trading partner, the EU.(9)

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