Counterrevolutionary careerist Obama

Racist Crap Party spawn, counterrevolutionary careerist Obama is the talk of pollsters. First the State Department said just his campaigning for president raised U.$. approval ratings in the world five points.

Capitalism may have received a death blow already. Capitalism might be about to receive more death blows because the imperialists are nonetheless uniting the exploited and oppressed for action, but here is Obama the speculation of pollsters:

“One question that I raised with the panelists is whether the glimmers of hope that we are seeing represent in any sense an ‘Obama effect.’ Several of the President’s programs haven’t had a chance to kick in very much yet — for example, that big stimulus package. But ever since the stimulus package was enacted, President Obama has shifted to a more optimistic tone about the economy and has been encouraging Americans to look toward a brighter future.”(1)

The whole persynality cult strategy fits Keynesian (bourgeois) economics to a “t.” It’s all about confidence. That’s what so many economists are saying.

Pollster Zogby is looking at the same thing.

“Zogby Interactive survey shows 45% of likely voters believe the nation is headed in the right direction, a gain of five points from a similar survey completed on March 5. At the beginning of the year, only 14% held that positive view.”(2)

So when any revolutionary ranging from Lenin to the Peruvian Communist Party (PCP) says we do not “patch up” the system, that has concrete meaning.

The Keynesians are going to count pumping up the system as a “gain.” Ending the recession is a gain in the minds of these Keynesians. This is where progressives have to decide if they are pro-capitalist or not. For us communists, we say, the united $tates chose not to join the global climate change agreement, so the best thing for the global environment, the single best thing we could do would be to chop the U.$. economy in half in the meantime, while we wait for the Obama administration to get on board with the rest of the world. It could turn out to be the difference between disaster and survival.

For us, a “gain” is liberation of countries. If we count Iraq as semi-liberated, Afghanistan certainly is not, and Palestine least of all.

If Palin is as bad as all these Democratic Confucians say, then all we needed was her in power for capitalism to be done. Instead, the Confucians try to persuade the labor aristocracy to progress instead of letting the labor aristocracy learn from experience.

If people thought we were in the same rut or lacked confidence, that would rattle the old mainstream of economists. Obama’s patch to the system, even if it lasts only a couple months, is a concrete example of how counterrevolution comes from the far right sometimes, but also from the pseudo-left, because the pseudo-left is able to fool the most people into supporting capitalism.


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