Edward Green and the Pope on condoms

In the Washington Post, Edward Green,(1) a public health researcher defends the Pope on condoms in Africa.(2)

That’s now, but in 2006, here is what Green had to say:

“It appears that behavior change programs, particularly involving extensive promotion of ‘zero grazing’ (faithfulness and partner reduction), largely developed by the Ugandan government and local NGOs including faith-based, women’s, people-living-with-AIDS and other community-based groups, contributed to the early declines in casual/multiple sexual partnerships and HIV incidence and, along with other factors including condom use, to the subsequent sharp decline in HIV prevalence. Yet the debate over “what happened in Uganda” continues, often involving divisive abstinence-versus-condoms rhetoric, which appears more related to the culture wars in the USA than to African social reality.”(3)

It’s not a question of African reality. Obviously, abstinence, fidelity and condoms reduce risk of HIV transmission.

What could be at question is the paternalism of people who believe some youth don’t deserve a full education. If condoms don’t work to prevent disease, it would only be because of people who blocked proper education about them. The poor will be at most risk from demagogues from rich countries.

The Pope’s other comments were less controversial. He stressed that Catholicism has a more humyn God than other sects. After all Christ suffered with the humyns. This is of obvious import to the Muslims saying “there is no God but God.”

The Pope said he will also work within capitalism to bring ethics to it. Now is the time for the Pope to get on board with reparations to the Third World to jumpstart the economy. Ban Ki-moon asked for $1 trillion.

The Pope said inter-religious dialogue with the Muslims is improving. We are glad for the African people.

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