Arab League demands acceptance of peace terms

I$raeli newspaper “Ha’aretz” says the Arab League told I$rael today that it could withdraw the Arab Peace Initiative if the I$raelis do not accept it soon.(1)

That’s exactly what we need, an ultimatum. Time deadlines clarify things.

There is no one besides the Arab League appropriate for all the related diplomatic challenges. The countries bordering I$rael have to decide first before other countries can back them up.

Unfortunately Egypt is not attending the summit.(2) The Arabs should issue a joint statement at least on the peace initiative.

Meanwhile, in unrelated news, I fell behind. Back in February Peres made some interesting comments. On capitalism:

“‘They thought they were making money out of nothing,’ and Americans, ‘they have guts.’ Of the Chinese, he said, ‘They’re running the business really well.'”(3)

Now Peres is campaigning to show Europe that Netanyahu will continue the peace process.(4)



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