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Waving the red flag to oppose the red flag

April 30, 2009

President Obama told a Missouri audience “‘I want us to get back to making things, not just shuffling paper around.'”(1) That’s an obvious reparaphrase of MIM.

Anyway, it looks as MIM said that the pseudo-Maoists are going to handle health care before getting to Palestine in seriousness. We hope that is wrong. Senator Specter is going to help Obama out with health care.

I’m not denying positive signs. They often say the right things.

Note to Counterrevolutionary Economics Administration: Who will see new consumption from a national health care plan? Who does Obama plan to tax? Which group has the higher savings rate? Will U.$. consumption increase or decrease? That will stimulate what? Given current realities, whose hides does U.$. healthcare come out of you miscreant social-democrats?



Chronology: time and other kinds

April 28, 2009

I$rael’s Defense Minister Barak says I$rael needs three years for peace.(1) The King of Jordan says 18 months. I would say 3 months.

In chronological time, there is actually not much difference, three months, eighteen months or three years. In conjunctural time, there is a big difference.

Meanwhile Palestinian negotiator Erekat says Olmert rejected a complete peace plan from Abbas just before launching the invasion of Gaza in December.(2)

Iran is saying that it will back whatever the Palestinians vote for in their peace process.(3) Iran is taking an obviously pro-self-determination approach like Eldridge Cleaver used to.

We also have a report that seems to contradict previous reports on U.$. aid to Palestinians having to go through a technocratic government.(4) Iran’s press now makes it appear that the Obama administration will allow aid through Hamas.

In this question it is our job to report on the balance of forces as best we can, so that the Palestinian people can decide what to settle for and when. Key to that is understanding what forces are in Palestinians’ favor and likely to become moreso and what forces need to struggle now and not wait.

4. 28Apr2009, “U.S. change over Hamas irks Israel”

Again on rewarding lynching

April 28, 2009

War is the extension of politics and politics is concentrated economics and that also means sleaze. Someone figured I do not have a proletarian army or a ton of money, but I can be brought in via sleaze.

Whether I were to get a job as someone lynched or lose one because I’m lynched, it’s the same thing. How often we hear the State Department tell other countries, “it’s easier for you, because if there’s a problem you just go shoot someone; we can’t do that, humyn rights blah, blah.”

The United $tates gets the benefits of having 57% of its college graduates being female. It should not also get the benefits of lynching people.

So again, my career has no place in discussion at this point.

Who is with us on the class struggle

April 28, 2009

I continue to receive indications on who supports the economic struggles of the international united front. Hints can be found at the “Financial Times,” “New York Times” and various non-corporate websites.

It’s not that I’m not paying attention, but it’s not a straightforward matter to reveal.

We have identified the various social and political groupings involved, but what exact weights of the social and political groupings and what they think they are doing are questions of some degree of difficulty. This in turn influences what the Obama administration believes it should be doing right now.

CBS news puts forward its views of diplomacy. How one views what is happening depends on one’s underlying knowledge and theories of what is happening, so CBS concludes one thing, while we conclude another.;topStories

For a military embargo on I$rael

April 28, 2009

The United $tates should place an embargo on military items for I$rael.

That would probably persuade Hamas to make some deals with I$rael. Then maybe the economic blockade on Gaza would end too.

Awwwe, did Bill Ayers make a funny?

April 28, 2009

Now Bill-no-good-at-math Ayers followed through on his suggestion to start business problems for me. What’s a matter Bill? Am I not sufficiently in line with the die-hard labor aristocracy? Do you, Klonsky and Phyllis Chesler want me to get in better line with I$rael? I guess so.

You do so appreciate Ted Kennedy now, don’t you?

Awwwwe, did Obama ask for accountability and clarity while talking about credit cards?(1) I guess he did, didn’t he. Trademark backstabbing — you gotta watch out, people might notice and your reputation might take a hit, but then again, you already went Democrat and partake in Democratic Party fundraisers, now that the communist movement is so overfunded.

And look at this, the very same day in the New York Times, two writers call for asset forfeiture to the government. Would that be including banks owned by the government that Obama takes contributions from?

Eric Holder is for asset forfeiture:

“Back in 1999, when he was the deputy attorney general, he told the Senate Judiciary Committee, ‘From telemarketing to terrorism to counterfeiting to violation of the food and drug laws, the remedy of asset forfeiture should be applied.'”(2)

Holder is for violation of civil rights. Here is what is happening:

“Equal attention must be given to attacking and dismantling the economic base of the criminal organization.”(2)

Look, the Kasama/RCP/New York Times and Eric Holder are all together in racist civil rights conspiracy.


Last warning: Prepare for the final doom of capitalism and the approach of world government

April 28, 2009

A reader suggested this title for an article. It is apt.

The neo-conservatives and pseudo-Maoists directed by the Cheney-Obama cousins tried to sell a damaged bill of diplomatic goods. They knew it was damaged because they damaged it and took advantage of “persynal” matters.

Then the Cheney-Obama axis blocked change.

The international united front is preparing for action.

Nice going counterrevolutionaries: II

April 28, 2009

“Fifty-nine percent of African-Americans – along with 65 percent of whites – now characterize the relationship between blacks and whites in America as ‘good,’ according to a new CBS News/New York Times survey.

“Less than a year ago, just 29 percent of blacks said race relations were good. The percentage of blacks who say race relations are bad, meanwhile, has dropped from 59 percent last July to 30 percent today.

“Sixty-one percent of blacks say there has been real progress in getting rid of racial discrimination since the 1960s. That’s up from 37 percent in December 1996. Eighty-seven percent of whites say there has been real progress since the 1960s.”(1)

Even better, Blacks now think the economy is getting better.

“Seventy-percent of African-Americans now say the country is headed in the right direction – more than twice the percentage of white Americans (34 percent) who say as much.

“Back in January, just before Mr. Obama took office, only 21 percent of blacks (and 14 percent of whites) said the country was headed in the right direction.

“Forty-one percent of blacks say the economy is getting better, while just 19 percent say it is getting worse. Whites, by contrast, are less optimistic, with 24 percent saying the economy is improving and 25 percent saying it is worsening.”

Earlier we explained what Obama has done to Latin America in “Nice Going Counterrevolutionaries.”


Security tidbit

April 28, 2009

The one referred to as “Mossad” made an overly vague pronoun reference, and it made no sense to me at the time. Since 2008 it has made sense.

The reference was to someone who also was under public obligation not to speak of someone else’s experience, when she spoke. So it made no sense and did not even begin to connect and that’s not to mention that this was way long after the fact and timing made no sense in multiple ways.

Now that I understand it, I think “Mossad” is not an explanation. Someone “always fucking things up” was someone who wanted them to be fucked up. The Mossad is competent, so this is not likely really about the Mossad.

P.S. What I mean is that the persyn who had every capability of explaining herself chose not to and went to ole’ boys’ networks, and barely that in the early 1990s. If she had wanted clarity, she could have attained it herself directly.

Amerikans and torture: a lost cause

April 26, 2009

As MIM has reported in previous years, polls show pretty consistent support for monarchism in the one-third range in the United $tates. In monarchism I include torture.

Now there is a poll out that shows 52% of Amerikkkans in the “independent” category that are neither Republican nor Democrat support torture in some circumstances,(1) contrary to the Liberal “humyn rights” image the united $tates peddles to the world. The figure is about half of the U.$. public overall.

We have argued before it is possible to win large majorities against monarchists only by adding pornographic detail to concrete cases, and afterwards, the support level for monarchism will be unchanged.

As of today April 26, Frank Rich, Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristoff are honing their arguments. They say that to preserve Liberalism for future crises, it will be necessary to perfume the current system by catching some torturers for fabricating evidence.

In other words, there is recognition that there is no consensus opposing the Iraq War or torture in principle. Moreover, there is a fear that the public will not be able to separate political policy from legal matters.

I would add that there is a high chance that such an approach would end up hinging on U.$. citizens’ rights, because there is no legal or political consensus on the rights of foreigners in Gitmo for instance.

With “diversity,” one presidential administration might have a coalition for torture and the next might not. The justice system is politicized because of polytheism or Liberal double-standards.

Whatever the U.$. rulers decide, the international oppressed and exploited should realize that the cause of the torture problems lies before 9/11.