I$rael’s Foreign Minister evokes storm of criticism

The Pope just organized money for Gaza(1) and Hamas says it is getting real engagement from Europe.(2) However, the new government of I$rael is managing to offend even the Arab moderates and raise the question of what it will take before Europe and the United $tates treat I$rael and the Palestinians with parallel process.

Now the new Foreign Minister of I$rael, Avigdor Lieberman of the Yisrael Beitenu party has offended everyone. He has said I$rael will not return the Golan Heights, and now Syria’s president Assad says I$rael never changes,(3) because there is no real left and right there, just warmongering.

In addition Hamas and Fatah have suspended unity talks for a month.(4)

Heck, even I$rael leading vote-getter in the last election Tzipi Livni said I$rael just proved that it is not a “partner for peace.”(5)

Killing Gazans, using white phosphorous, bombing UN buildings — is there anything that would cause the united $tates or the EU to hold I$rael accountable one has to wonder. When will the oppressed and exploited Palestinians receive equal treatment, an equal process. If Gaza is only receiving humynitarian supplies, then I$rael should be under the same blockade.

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