Study guidelines on Three Worlds Theory

1. Which major Chinese communist leader of Mao’s day was responsible for an article on the theory of surrounding the global city from the global countryside?

2. Which major leader died before China’s UN speech on Three Worlds Theory? Which major leader gave the speech? Do we believe this leader was the author of the theory, why or why not? Which leader WAS still alive for both the Three Worlds thesis and the surrounding the global city thesis?

3. What is in common between the thesis on surrounding the global city and the Three Worlds Theory?

4. Did Lenin consider Russians an oppressor nation or just the non-exploited Russians?

5. If imperialist country white workers are exploited in the vast majority, why would the Chinese Communist Party come up with the Three Worlds Theory? What could be the possible reason they called it a theory instead of a strategy?

6. Whose interests does it serve to deny the Three Worlds Theory within the context of imperialist country Marxism?

7. Did MIM ever deny that Mao took up PLP’s theses for a period of time on the white working class? What did we say about that? How many times did we say it? What happened with PLP? Who did Mao recognize after PLP?

8. Did MIM ever claim that Mao investigated conditions in the United $tates? Who needs to pretend otherwise?
What interests does that serve? Who is it that needs to pretend that Mao’s statements on the united $tates were based on his investigations of concrete conditions? What did Mao say about taking his statements without concrete investigation? What previous reactionary line took others’ pronouncements at face-value without independent concrete investigation? What did Mao say about that reactionary line?

9. Did MIM say that the Chinese Communist Party’s pamphlet on the national question was correct? Why or why not? Who needs to pretend that we said it was correct? What interest does it serve to spread that confusion?

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