Hugo Chavez offers Obama good deal

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has offered Obama to take over the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for returning the property to Cuba. The United $tates claims to own Cuban property that it uses for the visa violators, consulate trespassers and cab-drivers that it calls “terrorists” from other countries.

The United $tates has no credibility with regard to its own prisoners. There is no reason another country should listen to Uncle $am on Gitmo. If the Amerikans can’t treat their own people correctly, there is no reason to believe it treats foreigners any better.

After the united $tates reduces its imprisonment rate from the world’s highest, it can see how its standing in the world improves.

There is no easy answer for war under the Liberal system. Obama should face facts, stop hiding behind legal procedures and just make the deal with Chavez.




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