Class struggle update

I would estimate the likelihood that capitalism is already sunk at 10 or 20%. There’s always a time period during which the ship sinks below the surface, and maybe hits the ocean floor. In 1905 it was 12 years till 1917.

I also would guess that if the national bourgeoisie wants to land blows in class struggle this year, capitalism’s chances can be lowered till it’s 60% likely to die. Put in a good fight for half a year, and I would imagine things get to a likely 80 or 90%.

Krugman says China is stuck in a bad situation, but it is not any Third World country that has an overly inflated sense of its economy. China will take losses in any contraction, but it is the Western living standard that tanks. That’s on account of a specific understanding of the flow of labor right now.

The U.$. rulers are hoping housing and auto turn around about now, with shovel-ready jobs about to come online.

If I were the international united front, I would carry out class struggle in six week increments. When to stop will become self-evident. What the imperialists want is moderation. They just buy it in six week increments until there is an overall resolution. In those increments, no rhetoric counts for anything. The international united front can pause for six weeks at a time, when the rulers give it up.

I see class struggle as the offensive weapon. The status quo fights at the individual level, but the international united front does well in changing things at the macro level.


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