Imam Khomeini on Rockefeller drug laws and CNN on stoning

Saturday a Washington man shot his five children to death, because of his wife’s infidelity.(1) The children were unquestionably innocent victims, but they will receive much less attention and concern than alleged stoning victims in Iran. We had just discussed stoning in our article on Qutb.

In defense of Iran’s practices, the leader of the Iranian Revolution Imam Khomeini pointed out that the united $tates had the death penalty for 10 grams of heroin.(2) He understood that Iran’s tough image was a matter of comparison, and that the united $tates was no bastion of freedom, no matter what it said.

New York Gov. Paterson has faced ruthless individualist attack. Now he and the legislature are stuck with an incarceration problem connected to drug attitudes even Imam Khomeini said were too tough. A report in a British paper said:

“Almost everyone has known for at least a quarter century that these laws were having an awful effect on jurisprudence and justice in the state.

“So what happened? Nothing. No one really had the courage to force a change for fear of being called soft on crime. Every year, people talked about repeal. Every year, nothing happened. Except that more penny-ante offenders went to prison and mixed with hard-shell criminals. . . .

“The interesting sociological question is: what conditions need to prevail for something this big and sensible to happen? I’m not on the scene in Albany, so I’m not sure, but let me guess and say: 1, a governor, David Paterson, who really wants to do it, and 2, a governor with a 20% approval rating and dim prospects of reelections who just doesn’t give a crap anymore.

“I knew Gov. Paterson back when, and I say: Kudos, David. If Andrew [Cuomo] beats you in a primary two years hence and you go down in flames, you’ve done one truly great thing to be proud of always.”(3)

A country that has beaten adultery related violence completely should think about bragging to Iran. The united $tates should keep its mouth shut. When the stats are in, the united $tates is worse on this question as well.

The title of this article is not literal.
2. Hamid Algar ed. Islam and Revolution 1: Writings and Declarations of Imam Khomeini
3. Thanks to Eric Etheridge at the New York Times for this quote from the Guardian.


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