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For history, I say you need to know the answers and they’re in that study guide.

OK, let me try to respond to ideas about Deep Throat, anonymity and the humyn element. The answers to these questions should not be obtained by people so directly involved. There needs to be a step or two back.

First of all, you should not dismiss the Harry Potter Lexicon just because it was anonymous. It was years ahead of time and what it said came to pass. In that sense, anonymity does not matter, does it. It should be read as a claim of responsibility.

Secondly, for people who know what’s going on, there has been a non-anonymous and recent confirmation.

The rest is spinning wheels.

I find it despicable that the New York Times repeatedly raises the same tawdry ideas against me, spinning to and ‘fro in fatuous and partisan fashion. Meanwhile, all it can say about what I have said is that it does not have a government official to confirm it by name.

Aside from the incarceration rate, this is another reason the united $tates is a laughingstock, how the media in fact covers the government.

You’re at the operating table, accidentally remove an artery and then close up the patient — and it stays that way. You look at the x-ray and realize what you have done if you pretend you didn’t when you closed up the patient, and the media knows too: there’s no escaping that part. Yet years go by and you do not recall the endangered patient, oh, and you left a nail in there too. Should the doctor be fired? Did the media do a good job by not commenting? The only reason anyone found out is that the x-ray came up in the hands of a radiologist.

Not only is the doctor not fired, but the doctor is in fact rewarded, with the complicity of the media.
Sick country.

Another question: who was it that said in print that Maoists would be forced to become statesmen some day? Had MIM said anything about any of its members wanting to be statesmen? Who was opposing “extremism” in arguments against eugenics? What was the real reason, something in Maoism? How many years was this going on before 2006?

There was a follow-up to the above study-guide here.


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