20% of Amerikans support “socialism”?!!!

This may be the most amazing poll I have ever seen reported.(1) 20% of Amerikans say socialism is better than capitalism. Only 53% say capitalism is better and 27% are vacillating.

It does not mean many people believe the government could run companies better than the private sector does according to the details, but in the details, we knew the politics would be vague. Amerikans are still Amerikans and not all too politically clear. Still if Amerikans vacillate this much, we can imagine what is going on in other countries.

Also, the Amerikans probably mean French or Swedish-style “socialism,” but still, that’s a big move for the country, even bigger than the 1960s movement that gave the Black Panthers a plurality of support. Maybe for the first time we have more social-democrats than communists in this country in a meaningful fraction of the public. Social-democrats have always been confined to the intellectual vote in the country.

The international united front deserves all the credit for changing U.$. politics. We have to hope it continues. U.$. politics took a great turn in 1968 and 1969, but by 1972 it was definitely over.

The economic crisis and collapse of the stock market destroyed many illusions about capitalism being “reward for hard work.” There is nothing steady or stable about capitalism’s rewards and so this caused many to question what it is really based on — fraud and cronyism.

In the under 30 age group, it was 37% for capitalism, 33% for socialism and 30% vacillating. Wow. It means there is potential for a huge future crop of dragons, if we can keep up the pressure. Chewing on the question of class may lead to other things.

If we get one out of those 33 percentage points to take up a staunch anti-war stance and then if that 1% can see things Lenin’s way that electoral politics is no good, that we need a party that puts forward the unpopular truth, unwatered down, then that would be absolutely huge, a wave of people that could really prepare for revolution.

P.S. A couple writers say that Joe the Plumber’s attack backfired and made socialism look good, since lousy Democrats are always being called socialists, when they might not even be social-democrats in a lot of cases. I’d say it has more to do with the banks, because Obama and Biden denied being socialist. Not everything is caused by the Obama cult of persynality the way the media thinks; although, I would not be surprised if Christian identification trended down now if Obama stays visibly Christian. The white Christian community could lose a sense of identity that way.



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