Bill Ayers and the struggle against crypto-Democrats

MIM has nothing against Bill Ayers the public persona. He has become a Democrat who gives money to the Democratic Party. He has left behind what he stood for, openly.

There are many others, however, who seek to pollute Marxism-Leninism-Maoism with the machinations of the Democratic Party. So it’s one thing to do as Bill Ayers does and appear to abandon Marxism-Leninism-Maoism for the Democratic Party. It’s another thing to go on acting as if one is not a de facto member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

We should never trust people just based on their rhetoric. We need to see their action.

The cop-in-chief of Amerika is now Barack Obama, a Democrat. To get there he worked with the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and others against the revolutionary movement. Yet Democrats infiltrating Marxism-Leninism-Maoism complain about MIM. It goes to show you where their ideas about the state are.

The DSA, Committees of Correspondence, “Communist Party” and “Revolutionary Communist Party” are all appendages of the Democratic Party. Of these, the “RCP” is the most racist for its history of denouncing the slightest alleged deviations in other countries’ parties, the whole time secretly carrying out the orders of Ted Kennedy itself. It pretended to have something of line significance against Hugo Chavez while supporting Barack Obama. The only people who could imagine that the Democratic Party is to the left of Hugo Chavez or even European “Labor Parties” long ago derided by Mao are Amerikan nationalists — including Black ones like Obama.

We can see who is spreading confusion right now. Mao himself knew what a liberal Democrat was. He commented on the Kennedys. The Maoist press was against the Peace Corps for example. And Mao’s fraternal comrades from the United $tates, Robert Williams and the Progressive Labor Party of the early 1960s both opposed liberal Democrats in the strongest possible language. The appendages of the state in “Kasama” and the “RCP” broke with principle, the RCP only most dishonestly. Their hangers-on pretend to be this and that only to recruit to the Democratic Party and run down the real vanguard in the imperialist countries, MIM. They have momentarily succeeded in destroying our website with six digit readers per month.

MIM was the first to document “RCP” ties to Kennedy and show that it openly republished the CIA. People alleging to oppose MIM “pig work” need to demonstrate their own separation from the state, which is headed by the Democratic Party in the House, Senate and White House. It is not Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or any official with regular intelligence access who does not know what the appendages of the Democratic Party are doing. It is the half-assed political activists of Amerika and the people of the Third World without access to the information who are the only potential victims of the secret involvement of fake Marxists in the state. The “RCP” fooled the Communist Party of Peru with its “RIM” and destroyed the revolutionary movement there. The “RCP” has not fooled anyone in the U.$. ruling class.

People who are not exposing the Democrats’ infiltration of pseudo-Maoism are not real Maoists. Action is not just rhetoric pretending to oppose Democrats while doing something else.


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