Democratic Party warps free minds: Theda Skocpol

MIM has argued before that the problem with Catharine MacKinnon’s feminism is that it is not internationalist and does not concern itself with cause and effect across the diversity of wimmin. As a result, she never grappled with what she would have to support as the subjectivity of Chinese wimmin for example, and their views of rape.

If there is one female theorist we would suspect would have the ability to offer an internationalist feminism, it would be Theda Skocpol. MacKinnon plus Skocpol’s method would be where we would look.

Theda Skocpol published a comparative work on the French, Russian and Chinese social revolutions. Yet you our reader are stuck hearing it from MIM that Iranian romance culture violence is lower than Amerikkkan romance culture violence, because for most U.$. sociologists comparative work is like bad medicine to be taken and then forgotten instead of continued on an ongoing basis.

In the pursuit of Democratic voters, even our most capable thinkers such as tenured Harvard sociology professor Theda Skocpol sink down to the level of the lowest common denominator of nationalist fear. Here is what Skocpol just said about the Navy Seals’ killing of three Somalians deemed “pirates”:

“The rescue is great news: both the safety of the Captain and the death of the perpetrators who would not surrender him. And the right can forget about the Obama-is-too-soft story line they were pushing.”

This is what happens when one spends all one’s time arguing with the conservatives and pimping for voters. Skocpol should let James Carvilles do that stuff, because the international proletariat needs her for something else.

It’s all the more remarkable, because Skocpol has background on “ungovernable” situations such as Somalia’s. It all goes out the window because service to nationalist social-democracy is more important than truth.

Even on social-democratic terms it’s difficult to see why Skocpol thinks doing Carville’s job is more important than spreading not bourgeois internationalist tokenist feminism a la Rockefeller, but real comparative work. All the missionary pseudo-feminist ideas out there are contributing to neo-conservatism and making it difficult to cut the military budget.



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