Gordon Brown apologizes for sexual smear campaigner

The British prime minister’s office referred to as Downing Street has been caught sexually smearing people for political reasons. The scandal is called “smeargate.”

Gordon Brown’s aide Damian McBride had to resign and the prime minister himself wrote an apology to those affected.

Gordon Brown’s poll rating is much lower than Barack Obama’s. In fact, Brown’s opponents rate higher in the polls; yet, Brown was still able to take action.

The BBC also tried to set an example for handling of racist comments by Prince Harry that would be analogous to the old rules for third party infiltration gambits — admission of responsibility but no consequences to the initiator. The problem with that approach is that it guarantees certain scandals to occur in the future with a slap on the wrist afterwards. To stop lynching, that will not suffice. Lynching does not belong in the same category as jokes or statements of prejudice.

The Gordon Brown example is a lesson to racist Democratic Party partisans in the united $tates. What they are doing is unnecessary and needs to be reversed for the benefit of the future.

The failure of the media to report lynching creates a climate where death threats flourish to cover up political misdeeds. It would be better to live in an open dictatorship, instead of a country claiming to have a free media.



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