Re-partitioning I$rael

I$raeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants Palestinian recognition of I$rael as a Jewish state before negotiations.(1) With Avigdor Lieberman in power, that is a more provocative statement than ever with regard to I$rael’s internal Arab ethnic group. Lieberman has called for loyalty oaths and equality of service by Jews and Arabs within I$rael.

Nonetheless, if I$rael is going to offer per-capita proportionate repartition of I$rael to achieve a pure Jewish state, then it should be supported. Otherwise, the demand for a Jewish state is just obnoxious.

It would be wrong to say that the Obama administration is anti-racist; however, Lieberman’s stance will make many Amerikan liberal Democrats uncomfortable. He does not seem to be talking about super-profit redistribution like Obama.

The Obama administration attended its lackey organization meeting for the OAS, but it has now made it official that it will not attend Durban II.(2) The Durban stand on I$rael was too harsh for Obama. Apparently Obama has Black votes locked up, but needs Latino votes. That’s how we judge purely publicity-generating meetings like the OAS or Durban.



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