Cheney-Obama tag team

Where we are right now, the Democratic-Republican cooperation against MIM is probably going further than even sensible bourgeois people want. I have to leave open the possibility that there are reasons I don’t know for that.

At the same time, I should try to clarify matters as best as I can from my vantage point. The reason is that Obama has to go into the public globally as a Liberal and that is not going to work very well in the situation we are in.

I do believe Obama is more important than Cheney in the current situation. The story that Obama wants to see out on Cheney will tend to come out better if people see that the Democratic-Republican cooperation against MIM has broken. Currently there are people who know things but keep quiet because they find the Democrats and partisan press intimidating. There is a persyn with knowledge of tit-for-tats with the FBI in the 1980s who was the original source and could be again. There is also an important persyn who gave me a CIA memo. Etc.

I also don’t think the whole Republican Party would go into denial if that is what Obama is implying. How do you control it? I would suggest just releasing the Bush Sr. and current piece while leaving other subjects closed for now.

Another way to go is my old offer to sell-out at the general level. It looks like that that might not be a good road to go, because some smaller things should be taken care of first, as is only sensible. Usually one tests the waters at small relational levels before big ones. And relations are a step up from rhetoric.

Nonetheless, my general offer still stands, so if we can skip over immediate levels right now, then I don’t think my situation will matter so much. If not, then obviously we are seeing some bad things happening, because of long-standing pig-headedness.

Another deus ex machina might be just to send me to a new global currency institution, because Amerikan pig-headedness is endemic. Then I could give up Amerikan politics and contribute in an international context, where I believe I could solve things I’ve been asked for a vita for.

We still only get a couple thousand reads here per month.


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