Abu Ghraib torture was not a few bad apples: report

You heard it at MIM first while our left-wing of parasitism used to be in denial. Now Senator Carl Levin and his report on CIA interrogation in Iraq admits that it was not just a “few bad apples.” There was sweeping authorization for abuse.

You also heard it from us on there being no difference between pseudo-Maoists and neo-conservatives. They were using the same manuals as the Chinese, northern Koreans and Vietcong, except it was neo-conservative psychologists and psychiatrists in charge. You also heard it from MIM first on psychology’s role in oppression.

These scum did not have a proletariat to back them to do things without special interests behind them, but they used bits and pieces of Mao’s methods. Instead of a proletariat, they had Lynndie England and Charles Graner. What did we expect — no progress there.




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