Attention racist Democrats

I told you in the 2008 campaign that something sleazy was going to happen. I gave you months of advance warning and tried to tell you you were not thinking deep enough. I told you it was not going to be me playing a certain card, and I didn’t play it. But you had to play it, because you are even more racist than the campaign against Willie Horton.

I’ve asked you to take action and you have done nothing but buy time.

I’m sure this problem is understood globally. You have spied on me, slandered me, framed me and done things that could have resulted in my death in countless circumstances — attempted murder. But in all of that, it’s combined with ethnic incitement that most of the world knows is just not affordable in any political sense: it crosses a whole different line, because it’s the stuff that intra-ethnic war is made of.

One of the side benefit objectives of this maneuver was to coerce me into mainstream politics as a reward of lynching, and it’s not going to happen. (Again, if you did not know that already, you are not qualified to be judging this.) How many times do I have to say it? The only justification has to be found in times long past for most countries in the world, because I have to think back to the days when lynching was common and more accepted here — like what would they have horse-traded in 1949.

It does not look like that horse-trade will be made. It will be up to the national bourgeoisie now and in June whether you are taking sufficient steps in your relations with it.

I’m embarrassed by how much support I have received internationally. It is a great thing. Racist Democrats, if you think I care one bit what you think, you are wrong, and it was that way long before MIM received its current level of international support, long before we reached 20,000 readers, never mind 100,000 a month.

In the 2006-2008 years I called myself an “imperialist,” because I learned from practice. And I changed my line and said Mao was a capitalist too, because he was in a structural position that he would have been bribed by the other imperialists if given the chance. It’s independent of our will when anyone obtains some success in representing oppressed and exploited people; yet, now some people are trying to say Obama, the president of the f*ing united $tates is not an imperialist. It is the ultimate denial of class oppression, very much in line with denying that white “workers” are really exploiters too. Yes, with the extent that Colin Powell was sidelined, we wondered whether he had made it from soldier to imperialist and concluded not — and there was no huge upswelling of finance capital for a campaign by him, and such a campaign never happened. However, he is certainly capitalist and Obama gathered finance capital’s support better than any candidate in memory.


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