Jackie Chan comments on “freedom”

“Hong Kong actor star Jackie Chan raised a furor over the weekend by telling a business forum in a southern Chinese province that ‘freedom’ might not be the best thing for China: “I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.” (1)

Jackie Chan referred to Hong Kong and Taiwan as “chaotic.”(2) Chan’s agents said he was commenting on film and that he was donating half his net worth to charity upon his death.

Chan’s comments got him in trouble in a way that could cost him money as an actor. Yet, his timing is good. Using Amerikan freedom as the universal standard, some concluded that Chan is racist toward his own people, because he used the typical nationalist formulation speaking only of China and not the Three Worlds (developing countries) generally. (It’s a politeness custom also adopted by post-modernists who say, “speaking as X social group. . . “)(3)

MIM has argued that the free goods and services provided by the Third World including Hong Kong and Taiwan in exchange for a piece of paper called the dollar reflects internalized racism and a development strategy that cannot work for the billions, only the tiny four tigers, because they add up to a small population. The United $tates is going belly-up now, because it cannot import any more proportionately speaking. So one cannot make the whole world rich the way Taiwan and $outhern Korea have gone, and MIM has been in print to that effect since the early 1990s.

Chan’s comments are also good timing, because if there is to be an international currency created to replace the dollar, then phasing the dollar out of China would be crucial to the new international currency.
That will require laws reaching into the private sector, but not necessarily Chinese imperialism. I have suggested the formation of an international currency and central bank largely because of the developing world’s concerns about imperialism as it has functioned to date. The Third World does need banking, but no it does not have to be tied up with particular states. The exploited people of the world generally need banking.

The problem with the private sector is that it is brainwashed by Madonna and Britney Spears, in love with Amerikkka. So now oppressed nation capitalists are loaning money to the United $tates at negative interest rates and handing over hundreds of billions in goods each year for nothing. The national bourgeoisie is able to do that, because it comes out of the hide of the exploited proletariat. So MIM has been treating the national bourgeoisie as the “persyn in the middle.” We try to talk it into investing in the Third World.


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