Abu Ghraib as bad politics

An update on security, the gossip moves around from the “New York Times,” to the BBC and the “Financial Times.” The “Financial Times” is lately showing its mettle with a continuation of its series on the “Prophets of Doom.” Others have indicated their “in” by standard procedure — some detail from my sex life.

Anyway, contrary to the gossip-mongers, Bush Jr. had Clinton’s gonads in a vice. The Democrats caved and we got the Iraq War. Of course no one listened to MIM.

Yeah, we have a unified theory of scandal.(2) It’s more helpful than being “good at math,” because we know where that will get us — a job in ultrasounds of neural anomalies. [This is a joke, but true, because my bachelor’s was in social studies and my PhD in sociology. I had a more prestigious but appropriate job in the sociology of college student drinking taken away from me after being told I had it after a discussion in which my boss raised race. My boss’s boss took over as president at Wellesley shortly thereafter.]

The problem is that raising the torture problem now does not change the politics back then. This gets to be a source of post-modernism in fact.

The Abu Ghraib scandal happened in full public view before the election and MIM took interview recordings to see how far the scandal penetrated student consciousness. It was helpful but not deep consciousness.

The problem with going after Wolfowitz now is that the public voted for Bush in 2004 after the scandal. I’m all in favor of putting the public in prison for that, but it looks like we lack the Third World security forces to get the job done. Politics matters. Being right about politics matters. DeGaulle and Rogers were for the 1967 borders and the whole world has paid a price ever since then because they did not quite win over Nixon, though obviously it was close.

Anyway, Kerry was pro-Patriot Act and ambiguous on the war, so with public opinion the way it was, we don’t know if he would have changed much. The Democrats consciously rejected the more direct Howard Dean.

The politics of going into this in 2009 is like dishing on an ex- now about something you not only did not object to but approved of while dating in 2004.

So count me as favoring horse-trading not prosecution on torture. Disbarring attorneys is more than nothing.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_torture_and_prisoner_abuse
2. http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/22/grand-unified-scandal/


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