Desperate racist Democrats

Today we have more evidence of absolute pandemonium among the racist Democrats. Kristof’s editorial is titled “The Koran” on the front page. There’s not a quote in there from the Koran.

What the editorial is really about is how the Democrats need to make up a story quick to cover up a lynching. They freely admit to tampering with documents they illicitly stole from me. Alternatively they insinuate that someone who took a day to write two paragraphs is writing my documents. They haven’t got a shred of evidence and are just asking for subpoenas if they keep up this shit.

Democrats are desperate, desperate and desperate trying to change their story every few days. That’s what buying time allows them to do.

Roger Cohen chimes in with the long-standing conspiracy saying that I should look forward instead of seeking justice. Sorry Roger Cohen, it’s not going to work that way. You want to conspire, you conspire.

I’ll explain the difference between my case and the torture cases in the next column. The bottom line for what we see in the papers today is that Democrats want the right to lynch only for their party.


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