How many times do we have to catch the racist Democrats?

So look at it this way: I caught you in the 1980s. I caught you again in the 1990s and you are so predictably racist that I told you what you were going to do in the last few years, each step of the way. Democrats, all this cloak-and-dagger ole’ boys network bullshit is your own fault.

By 2002 — a whole seven years ago — the level at which you were caught advanced a whole level admitted by you via ole’ boys network.
Yet you did nothing that whole time. And now you seek to blame me for your racism, repression and warmongering.

You tried to pull off an infiltration gambit, but you got caught, and now I’m going to put lynching gambits to an end or the whole world can see what kind of country this is. And as you try to stifle me, the world can see that too.

Yoo and Addington are a step up from you racist Democrats, because at least they literally put on paper that they authorize people to crush other people’s gonads. You slink around for decades at a time, even when you’re caught red-handed.

Some of the more “radical” of these people are so stupidly Liberal that they take death threats from I$raelis, then wonder why we need clarity on other matters. Maybe people have a right to rule out where death threats are coming from.

Yes, words kill. Your ‘ole boys’ network has been doing that since 1776. Stop giving out the racist orders. Stop trying to blame me for your failed Mideast policies, your failed opposition to the war, your failure to stop lynching and your own conspiracies at this moment.

Don’t think that the rest of the world does not know you are changing your stories and threats on a daily basis. You can get away with this racism and national chauvinism here, but not everywhere. Cousins Cheney and Obama do not rule everywhere.


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